Q: Who was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame for 2016 and 2017?

A: The new members in 2016 were Charlie Daniels, Fred Foster and Randy Travis. New members this year were Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed and Don Schlitz.

Q: What happened to the Hurricane Grill by Crossroads in Waterloo?

A: It’s being converted to a Beck’s Taproom Grill location, due to re-open this month.

Q: Ross Pierschbacher, who played football for Cedar Falls, is now playing for Alabama. Is he injured?

A: Yes, according to an ESPN report — he is out for a few weeks with an ankle injury.

Q: What can I wash clothes with to remove the smell of cooking oil?

A: Some suggestions we found: Soak the clothes overnight in plain vinegar, then wash with detergent. Or try washing them with a mixture of peroxide and vinegar; make sure to test that out first, though — peroxide could affect the color of the fabric. And some people swear by OxyClean or OxyWash.

Q: Can you publish the 800 number for Readers Digest concerning subscription information?

A: Try calling (877) 732-4438.

Q: Considering all the danger in Korea, why haven’t U.S. dependents and non-essential personnel been told to leave the Korean peninsula for safety reasons?

A: Because the Pentagon doesn’t expect war. While tough talk emanates from Washington and Pyongyang, military experts say neither side appears inclined to make good on its threats. An evacuation order would be a startling sign things have taken a dangerous turn.

Q: I see once again they refer to the individual killed on Ansborough as a firefighter. Why is his occupation always listed before his name when no one else gets that kind of attention?

A: The nature of his occupation makes it likely many people knew the victim. Plenty of other people get the same attention — prominent business people, politicians, school teachers and administrators, religious leaders, etc.

Q: What does it mean when someone flies the U.S. flag upside down?

A: It is a distress signal. A foundering ship, for example, would fly the flag upside down to let others know it is in trouble. Some fly the flag upside down as a political protest, meant to signal the country is in trouble.

Q: What is the purpose of owning an AK-47 or rapid fire rifle, if not to kill someone?

A: Gun enthusiasts cite the same reasons for owning assault rifles as for other guns: self-defense, hunting, a love of collecting. Some people say firing such weapons is a thrill. Others note it’s similar to wanting to own a fast car or a big truck. Former soldiers sometimes say they are most comfortable using weapons similar to the ones on which they trained.

Q: If you don’t have a computer how do you sign a petition to impeach Donald Trump?

A: Your best bet would be to use a computer at the public library or a friend’s house. As far as we can ascertain, nobody is mailing out petitions for signatures or holding public signing events.

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