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Q: Was the KWWL building at one time the Mid-Continent building?

A: Not according to the station. It was originally called the Overland Hanson Building when it was built in 1914, then was known as the Insurance Building before the switch to KWWL in 1958. But the 1954 city directory does list Mid-Continent Petroleum in offices in the building.

Q: Is there a phone number or website to report someone who is collecting unemployment or disability while still working?

A: You can call the Social Security fraud hotline at (800) 2569-0271 or go to; or go to the Iowa Workforce Development website at to report unemployment fraud.

Q: Does the moon rotate?

A: It does, although according to NASA it may not always look like it. The moon orbits the Earth once every 27.322 days. It also takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. So the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observers from Earth to be keeping almost perfectly still.

Q: Why were all the Don Bosco football fans wearing black shirts?

A: That’s just the color of the shirts the school booster club sold this year, according to the school.

Q: Where can I donate my hair, besides Locks of Love, for wigs for people who have cancer or other diseases?

A: The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program takes hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients: check for details. Wigs for Kids provides wigs for sick children; go to for details.

Q: Where can I dispose of old appliances?

A: The Black Hawk County Landfill’s small loads facility accepts appliances. They must be separated from other waste.

Q: How much money does each surrounding county get from the Isle?

A: The Black Hawk County Gaming Association awards grants from casino revenue based on projects and not a set amount of money per town or county. You can view a list of grant awards on the association’s website at

Q: What are they doing at the corner of Osage Road and old Highway 20? Are they putting in street lights? If so, why wasn’t there anything in the paper about it?

A: Traffic signals are being installed at Osage and Dubuque roads. The Courier reported about this project July 13, 2017.

Q: A city crew was working in my backyard cutting trees for the wires. One of the workers stood on my fence instead of a ladder and bent my fence. Will the city pay to fix my fence?

A: You would need to contact the city to file a claim for damage.

Q: What were the voting results for the city of Stanley?

A: Mike Everding won the mayoral election with seven votes while Rodger Sill had six votes. Council winners and their votes were: Tammy Everding, 9; Phil Rownd, 8; Sean Walker, 6; Julie Walker, 5; and Deanna Fox, 3. Rob Irvine also received three votes and won a drawing for the final council seat over Fox. But he declined to accept it.

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