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Q: Why, when issued a speeding ticket from a speeding camera, it doesn’t go on your driving record?

A: An automated traffic enforcement ticket is a civil citation, similar to a parking ticket, and not a criminal citation like the tickets written for similar violations by law enforcement officers. Automated traffic enforcement tickets, like parking tickets, go to the registered owner. Moving violation tickets written by police officers go to the actual driver.

Q: I just read your article about junk yards in Waterloo. There is one on Black Hawk Road and I think they were supposed to be moving it because it floods in that area. When will something be done with this junk yard?

A: The city took legal action against that salvage yard numerous times in the 1990s. But the courts determined the yard was legal and allowed to be there. The city then attempted to buy out and voluntarily relocate the yard, but that deal fell through. City planning staff continue to talk with the property owner about a potential buyout.

Q: Is it OK to place used pizza boxes into the Waterloo cardboard recycling bins? Is it true the grease and residue from the used boxes ruins that load of cardboard if those boxes are mixed in?

A: Cardboard must be free of food and oil residue to be placed in the recycling bins. It is not OK to put in a greasy or cheese-coated pizza box.

Q: Why in the area where they are building up behind Waterloo Memorial Cemetery by Amy Wienands’ office did they cut down all the evergreen trees between the cemetery and the new area?

A: The trees were on property that is being cleared for construction of new buildings.

Q: How many registered voters are in Waterloo? How many came out to vote Nov. 7? How many voted in each ward?

A: The unofficial results showed 7,145 of the 42,199 registered voters in Waterloo cast ballots in the city election. The breakdown was: Ward 1, 1,838; Ward 2, 1,195; Ward 3, 1,148; Ward 4, 764; Ward 5, 1,425; and absentees, 775.

Q: Ann Rathe, who won the at-large council seat in Waverly, is asking for contributions. Who are her donors and how much did she approximately receive?

A: Rathe disclosed 47 donors, more than we’d be able to print here, but you can find a complete list on the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board’s website. Her specific report is at and she reported raising $3,300 in cash and $354.44 in in-kind contributions.

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