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Q: Does most of the revenue go to the company that provides the traffic cameras? Does the city get $36 whether the ticket is $50, $75, $100, or $200? If so, why? Did the city ask for bids?

A: The city of Waterloo contracted with Gatso USA for its automated traffic cameras. Gatso gets $36 per ticket while the rest of the collected revenue goes to the city, which has earmarked it for future property tax relief. City officials said they looked at the main companies providing the service and chose Gatso. Bids are not required for professional service contracts.

Q: What is the status of the sale of the downtown Waterloo convention center?

A: At the time this question was received, the city and developer were still completing all the necessary paperwork in preparation for the closing.

Q: I see recycling containers are back on Ansborough and there is a camera on the post. If people dump things they shouldn’t or don’t fit into containers, what will be the fine?

A: People caught and convicted of illegal dumping can be fined by the courts.

Q: Will Waterloo be putting up signs notifying people there will be photo-enforced cameras to inform outside travelers going through Waterloo?

A: Yes. Signs will be posted at major entrances to the city.

Q: You recently did a story on Try Pie. I understand they only hire women and refuse to hire men. Isn’t this a violation of the law?

A: Try Pie director Megan Tensen responded, “Try Pie is a program of a 501©3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower a diverse group of young women in life and leadership skills through meaningful work. This mission is accomplished by intentionally hiring young women in the Cedar Valley.”

Q: When do they plan to repaint the lines on Cedar-Wapsi Road through Finchford?

A: Black Hawk County will look at all the roads next spring to determine which ones will receive new pavement markings. The county is switching from a fall painting schedule to a spring painting schedule next year. Call Black Hawk County Engineer Cathy Nicholas at 833-3008 with questions.

Q: Is the second high-rise apartment building being built next to Hawkeye Community College by John Deere a low-income facility?

A: No. The residential units will have market rate rents.

Q: In the last election, how many votes did the mayor of Raymond receive? Were there any write-in votes for mayor or council? If so, who were they and how many votes did they receive?

A: Raymond Mayor Monte Johnson received 48 votes. There were nine write-in votes, including two each for Bill Johannes and Gary Viak, and one vote each for Jason Dolf, David Thome, Darius Hart, Darin Seeger and Sandra Dromley. There were 11 write-in votes cast for Raymond City Council seats, including two each for Jason Dolf and Mary Kay Kane, and one vote each for Joan Kresser, Todd Havel, Don Frost, Brenda Havel, James McMahon, Becky Smith and Larry J. Thies.

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