Q: Should you tip the carryout person that carries your groceries out to the car? If so, how much should you tip? And do they get to keep these tips?

A: We checked with local staff at Fareway and Hy-Vee, who said tips are not expected and employees are not supposed to accept them.

Q: Do Fareway, Hy-Vee and Aldi’s all accept Apply Pay?

A: According to calls to the local stores, Hy-Vee does not accept it right now, while Fareway does. The Aldi’s corporate office did not return a request for information.

Q: Can you print the phone number of the lady who was an artist at the Festival of Trees that displayed her paintings there with one that had a beautiful Christmas tree?

A: It was artist Alice Dolgener; you can find her contact information on her website, http://artbyalicedolgener.com.

Q: Is Hy-Vee corporate-run or employee-owned?

A: It’s both. An employee profit-sharing plan was established in 1960, letting employees share in the ownership of the company. At the same time, Hy-Vee is a corporation with some 240 supermarkets throughout the Midwest.

Q: Do the people of Puerto Rico pay taxes?

A: According to a recent New York Time report, “Most people in Puerto Rico don’t pay federal income taxes, but they do pay Social Security, Medicare, import, export and commodity taxes. Their federal tax bills add up to more than $3 billion a year.”

Q: Does the law that says you can’t text while driving also apply to reading texts, or does it just ban sending them?

A: Under the law, police can pull over drivers they suspect of using their phone while behind the wheel, “writing, sending or viewing an electronic message.”

Q: Who owns United Technologies, the company buying out Rockwell Collins? Where are its headquarters?

A: United Technologies is a publicly traded conglomerate based in Farmington, Conn.

Q: How do they decide who gets called for jury duty?

A: “Jurors are randomly identified from a master jury list using an electronic data processing system. The master jury list is composed of names of citizens who are on the current voter registration list provided by the secretary of state or the current motor vehicle operators list or the nonoperator identification list provided by the Department of Transportation. The master jury list is updated on an annual basis. The master jury list may be supplemented with names from any other comprehensive list of persons residing in the county if deemed appropriate by the state court administrator,” according to the Iowa Judicial Branch.

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