Q: Is there anything we can do to prevent mildew on the siding on the north side of a house?

A: Mildew grows in wet, shady areas, so home sites recommend maintaining and clearing out rain gutters, wiping off any dirt from the siding and making sure you have adequate insulation in the walls.

Q: Do rabbits make noises?

A: They’re usually pretty quiet — they don’t like to draw attention to themselves in the wild — but they can squeak, growl, honk and screech, according to veterinary sites.

Q: What do the green ribbons mean on the trees on Prospect Boulevard?

A: The green ribbons indicate 22 trees that still are healthy enough to be treated with an insecticide to protect them from the emerald ash borer infestation. The neighborhood asked them to be marked to see if anyone wanted to pay for chemical treatment every other year instead of removing a tree.

Q: In Cedar Falls there are three people running for at-large. Can you print the email address for each person?

A: Their addresses are: Erin Cornelius, erinforcedarfalls@gmail.com; Rob Green, rgreencf@gmail.com; and LeaAnn Saul, Lsaul@saulforcouncil.com.

Q: Have you published Iowa State’s and Iowa’s basketball schedules in the paper? If so, can you reprint them?

A: Those schedules ran with the stories from their respective media days, which were Oct. 16 (Iowa) and Oct. 17 (Iowa State).

Q: I’m having problems with my delivery service and want to speak to someone directly at The Courier in Waterloo. What number do I call?

A: Please call us in Waterloo at (319) 291-1400.

Q: When and why was the practice of carving pumpkins for Halloween begun?

A: It evidently goes back to a 17th-century story in Ireland, with a man called Stingy Jack who invites the devil for a drink. After he tries to trick the devil into paying for it, he’s condemned to live in eternal darkness, with no light but a lump of coal inside a carved turnip as a lantern. He became known as “Jack of the Lantern,” and people carved turnips and potatoes in his likeness. Immigrants to America carried the tradition with them, using pumpkins instead.

Q: Who in Washington do we call for FEMA?

A: Try calling (800) 621-3362.

Q: What is the monthly salary for the mayor of Reinbeck?

A: It’s $200 a month, according to the city clerk.

Q: What do President Trump’s trips to Florida cost the government?

A: They cost about $3 million each with security and staffing costs, according to a Washington Post report.

Q: What is “separate maintenance” when talking about divorce?

A: It usually involves financial support from one spouse to another before, during or after a legal separation.

Q: Many years ago across from city hall at the old Maywood restaurant, the police arrested a most-wanted criminal. Do you recall what that incident was?

A: Police arrested Stanley Hoss Jr. on Oct. 4, 1969, as he was leaving the Maywood. He had broken out of a Pennsylvania workhouse while awaiting sentencing for a rape conviction. On the way to Waterloo, he killed a police officer, stole a car, kidnapped and raped another woman and then kidnapped yet another woman and her child.

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