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Q: Do spare tires lose air just being in the trunk?

A: It’s common, according to AAA: “If your spare has been tucked away in the trunk or underneath the car for a long period of time, it has probably lost some air pressure, so test it the next chance you get and fill it up appropriately. Check the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb or the owners manual for the exact amount of air needed.”

Q: Did Roger Smith actually sing and play on “77 Sunset Strip”?

A: He did — he started musical training when he was still a child, according to news reports when he died.

Q: Where did Walt Disney grow up?

A: Disney was born in Chicago and grew up in Marceline, Mo., and Kansas City, Mo.

Q: I have a scanner and noticed recently I’m unable to receive any of the Waterloo emergency calls. Have they changed their frequency or do I need to get my scanner re-scanned?

A: Earlier this year, Black Hawk County dispatching moved all agencies from the old Enhanced Digital Access Communications System to the new Project 25 Phase I digital mobile radio system — also known as P-25. In order to listen in on fire calls, you will need a P-25 compliant scanner, but law enforcement radio traffic is now encrypted and won’t be available.

Q: What is the number to call if we haven’t received our paper?

A: Please call customer service at (319) 291-1444.

Q: Are the rules for flying the state flag the same as for the national flag?

A: Largely — if you are flying them on the same pole, the national flag should be on top. Iowa law provides brief rules for displaying the flag; the US Flag Code is much more detailed.

Q: Should state and national flags be brought inside during rain?

A: If they are all-weather flags, it’s considered fine to leave them up.

Q: How fast does the International Space Station move?

A: It travels about 5 miles per second, or 17,150 miles per hour, orbiting the earth about every 90 minutes, according to NASA:

Q: What do Melania Trumps’ parents have for an income? Where do they live?

A: In their home country of Slovenia, Viktor Knavs was a chauffeur and a salesman, and Amalija Knavs was a pattern maker at a clothing company. It’s unknown where their income here comes from. They recently obtained U.S. citizenship, sponsored by their daughter, and have lived in Trump Tower in New York. They have been spotted frequently in D.C., and there’s speculation they live there now.

Q: What is a phone number to reach the Kohls headquarters?

A: Call the headquarters in Menomonee Falls, Wis., at (262) 703-7000.

Q: How many soft drink bottling companies were there here in the 1940s and ’50s? What were some of the names?

A: We don’t have a total number, but here are some of the names from the old city directories: Carter-Watkins Beverages, M&M Bottling, Double Cola, Tucker Bottling, Waterloo Bottling, Seven Up Bottling, Waterloo Cider and Pop, Sibert and Sons Bottling, Crown Bottling Works, Dawson Beverage Co.

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