Q: I just heard the Cedar Valley Fish Market changed ownership and was sold. Will it continue being a fish market?

A: Noel Morris Jr. has purchased the business and plans to continue operating it as it has in the past.

Q: Will Jerry Gallagher be rejoining Ally Crutcher on the morning news?

A: Gallagher will be rejoining Crutcher until the end of the year.

Q: What are the Paradise Papers, where did they come from and how long have they been around?

A: The Paradise Papers is a huge cache of confidential electronic financial documents relating to offshore investments leaked to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Details have been leaked to the public in November. The stories expose how politicians, multinationals, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals use complex structures to protect their cash from higher taxes.

Q: I’ve tried to reach Steve King at (202) 224-3121, but the phone number is never answered and the mail box is always full. Is there another number where I can reach him?

A: King’s Iowa offices: Ames, (515) 232-2885; Fort Dodge, (515) 573-2738; Mason City, (641) 201-1624; Sioux City, (712) 224-4692; and Spencer, (712) 580-7754.

Q: How old is the person now who used to play the part of “Webster” on that TV show?

A: Emmanuel Lewis is now 46.

Q: Is astronaut Peggy Whitson from Iowa? If so, what town?

A: She was born in Mount Ayr and grew up outside Beaconsfield.

Q: If President Trump gets the tax bill passed by Thanksgiving will that apply to tax year 2017 or tax year 2018?

A: Most provisions would take effect Jan. 1, 2018, so changes wouldn’t have any impact on 2017 tax filings, due by April 15, 2018.

Q: When Congress says we are going another trillion dollars in debt is it true that means they are just going to print more money and there is no collateral to it?

A: Not really. Technically, the government could print enough money to pay off the national debt, but it would cause massive inflation that would make U.S. dollars worthless and devastate the economy. The Federal Reserve controls the money supply, and one of its main goals is to keep inflation in check, at around 2 percent annually. That seems unlikely to change in the future.

Q: There used to be a club called the 40 & 8 Club. Where was it located and when did it disband?

A: The 40 & 8 is a national veterans’ organization, founded by World War I veterans who were also American Legion members. The name came from the box cars used to transport troops to the front in France — each car could carry 40 men or eight horses. Most articles in the Courier archives list its events at the Legion hall, although there are a few mentions in the 1940s of a “40 to 8 chateau” south of Waterloo and a 1948 story that says the club was near Black Hawk Creek. The last notice we had of new officers being elected for the local chapter was in 2015.

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