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Q: The article in the Nov. 9 paper “Neighbors sound off about warning sirens” included the quote “we pissed away money.” Is this language necessary? You should apologize to your readers.

A: It’s not language we generally use in news articles, but it was said in a direct quote by a resident at a public meeting.

Q: Are there tree frogs that make chirping noises?

A: There are, according to wildlife sites.

Q: What is the average time from when a hen lays an egg until it reaches the customer?

A: According to the American Egg Board, most eggs arrive at local stores within a week of being laid.

Q: Richard Rawlings, the gas monkey, is on the Discovery channel often. Does he have a wife and family?

A: He is married; as far as we can tell, he doesn’t have any kids.

Q: Reading the recent dementia reports — how does this country’s dementia numbers compare to those of Europe, Canada, England, etc.?

A: The top 10 countries most affected by Alzheimer’s are, in order, Finland, United States, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium. Those with the lowest rates include India, Cambodia, Georgia and Singapore, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Q: Did KCRG cancel the “$100,000 Pyramid” show on Saturday and Sunday nights?

A: It has been renewed for another season, but we couldn’t find information about when it will return to the lineup.

Q: On the Mississippi River, where does it meet Lake Winneshiek?

A: It’s south of Lansing, near Ferryville, Wis.

Q: What years did Kmart, Sears, Target and Walmart all start?

A: Kmart was founded in 1899 as the S.S. Kresge Co., and Sears, Roebuck dates to 1893. George Dayton started the Dayton Dry Goods Co. in 1902; it later became Target. The first Walmart opened in 1962.

Q: Of all the kids Dog the Bounty Hunter has, how many are with Beth?

A: They have two kids together.

Q: Is there a home remedy to get rid of carpenter ants in the garage?

A: Some suggestions we found: Sprinkle boric acid around the garage or mix it with water to form a spray, sprinkle cedar oil around the garage or in the nest, if you can find it, or try spraying white vinegar into cracks and holes.

Q: What industries does North Korean have to get so much money to build up such a large military?

A: North Korea’s largest export industries are mineral fuels, including oil, clothing and accessories, ores and slag, and fish, according to a CNN report. The country doesn’t have that much money, though — the emphasis on supporting the military so heavily has led to chronic food shortages, a crumbling infrastructure and the need for frequent handouts from China.

Q: Is it true that turf grass in the nation’s largest irrigated “crop”?

A: Yes, according to a study last year co-authored by NASA: It said American lawns take up an area three times larger than any irrigated crop.

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