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Q: What was the name of the TV program with Scott Cawelti that was about the Mark family murders?

A: The Investigation Discovery channel’s “A Crime to Remember” show has an episode on the killings, “Black Sheep,” that featured Cawelti.

Q: What is the background information for Wayne LaPierre of the NRA? What is his salary?

A:. He grew up in Virginia and attended Siena College and Boston College. He was a government lobbyist before joining the NRA in 1977 as a lobbyist. He makes a little more than $1 million a year, plus bonuses and benefits.

Q: I am retired and drawing an IPERS pension. The 1099 form they send has the wrong address, and when I call to try to get it changed they say they can’t. Is there anyone there I can contact to straighten it out?

A: Try calling Judy Akre at IPERS at (515) 281-0043.

Q: How can I write to Blake Shelton?

A: Send him mail in care of Starstruck Entertainment, 40 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203.

Q: Are the wages for the employees of the city of Waterloo public information? If so, are they published in The Courier?

A: Yes to both questions — the salary list runs in The Courier legal notices every year, typically in early summer.

Q: If it is illegal to blow leaves, grass and trash into the street, why don’t the police fine these people so the city could lower our taxes?

A: The city of Waterloo has written citations, usually after an initial warning, to persons who blatantly put debris in the streets. You should contact your elected officials if you want them to adopt higher fines and direct staff to be more aggressive enforcing any ordinances.

Q: What is the status of Stroh’s North Crossing at the old Logan Plaza site across from UnityPoint Health-Allen Hospital? Is there supposed to be a convenience store and restaurant being built there?

A: Work is being completed on the medical and office buildings, which have been under construction on the site. A new Kwik Star convenience store is expected to be built this year. No restaurant project has been announced.

Q: Why is Waterloo allowing the sale of fireworks if Waterloo residents can’t use them?

A: Iowa law does not allow cities to ban the sale of fireworks. Iowa law allows cities to ban the use of fireworks in the city limits.

Q: What department would I call at the city to get a company to mow their lawn by the apartments at the corner of Kimball and Ridgeway?

A: Waterloo Code Enforcement can be reached at 291-3820.

Q: Concerning the Kistner building on West Third in Waterloo, formerly a funeral home, now owned by Greg Young operating as Waterloo Bicycle Works: Was this building purchased through the city? How much did he purchase it for? And what was the language regarding what he had to do with the building?

A: Young bought the building from Operation Threshold in 2010 for $13,000. Operation Threshold did not put any stipulations on the use of the building after the sale.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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