Q: I’ve tried to reach Chuck Grassley’s office several times and it tells me to go online. What if I don’t have a computer? Why don’t they take live phone calls?

A: A response from Sen. Grassley: “In addition to my annual 99 county meetings, I encourage Iowans to share their thoughts, feedback and questions about my work on behalf of Iowans via telephone, postal mail or email. I welcome input from Iowans and, accordingly, Iowans can leave a voice message when the phone lines are busy in my Washington office or after hours. The voice mailbox lets callers know when the voice mail box is full and suggests callers to go to www.grassley.senate.gov/contact to send their messages to me directly. Every morning, I receive a report on the messages sent overnight via the website. Additionally, Iowans can postal mail me at 135 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510. I have always encouraged Iowans to participate in the dialogue and process of representative government, and I work hard to receive the views and answer the questions of Iowans. I’ve noticed some interest groups have said that a phone call is more valuable than a written message in contact-your-congressmen campaigns. Well, I don’t differentiate between those forms of communication and value input regardless of the format. As a practical matter, I also want to let Iowans know that the voice mail backlog in my office has grown to more than 20,000 messages at some points during the last year. Because of the time it takes to download voice messages, I receive and respond more quickly to written messages sent through the website. Bottom line, please continue to call and write to me, but know that a message to the website is the most time-sensitive way to deliver a message, and I look forward to receiving comments and questions from Iowans and responding in a timely manner.”

By the way, when we called with this question, we got an answer on the first ring.

Q: Why was there no TV guide in the Eldora papers Friday?

A: If you are missing inserts, please call customer service (319) 291-1444 and request the missing section.

Q: Did Monte’ Morris ever graduate from Iowa State?

A: Yes, he graduated in the spring of 2017 with a degree in liberal studies, according to ISU.

Q: If the Waterloo Police Department is going to lay off officers, will that include veterans who have served our country?

A: At the time this question was asked, no layoffs were scheduled. The process for laying off police officers is governed by the Waterloo Police Protective Association’s collective bargaining agreement with the city and generally is based on seniority.

Q: Did you run the same opinion letters in this Sunday’s Courier as you did the previous week?

A: We apologize and noted in Sunday’s Courier on page A2 they were repeat letters. We didn’t discover the error until after that section had already been printed. We ran an expanded letters section in the Monday, March 5, Courier.

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