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Q: Do they have a list of bands that are coming to the Irish Fest this year?

A: An announcement of the full list is coming around St. Patrick’s Day, according to the festival organizers. Some of the bands coming have already been announced on Facebook.

Q: Has the City Council approved the move of Lark Brewing to the public market building?

A: No. The city of Waterloo is taking proposals from interested tenants, and Lark Brewing indicated it was submitting a proposal.

Q: There was a discussion of a wind farm between Waterloo and Hudson. What happened to that idea?

A: It is still in development, but no zoning application has been submitted to date.

Q: When does Pat Morrissey’s term expire?

A: Waterloo’s Ward 3 City Council seat will be on the ballot again in November 2021.

Q: The city confiscated my friend’s house and I believe they violated her rights. She can’t afford a lawyer. Are there other options?

A: She could try Iowa Legal Aid, which has an office in Waterloo at 607 Sycamore St.

Q: Is the new Unity Square in Waterloo under Section 8?

A: The apartment complex is not a Section 8 project. Like many apartment facilities in Waterloo, it does accept tenant-based Section 8 housing vouchers.

Q: I see gun show signs in illegal areas, such as by stoplights. How can we get these removed from being posted there?

A: It is a violation of Waterloo city code for those signs to be in the public right of way. Contact Code Enforcement, 291-3820, to report violations.

Q: When you say someone’s position was eliminated is that a nice way of saying they were fired?

A: Not usually. If you’re let go because your position is eliminated, that’s more like being laid off, rather than being fired for poor job performance.

Q: In which branch of the service did Supervisor Frank Magsamen serve?

A: Black Hawk County Supervisor Frank Magsamen did not serve in the armed forces.

Q: Do Waterloo and Cedar Falls have a mutual aid agreement between their fire departments that would require Cedar Falls to send fire equipment to Waterloo in the event of a major fire?

A: Waterloo and Cedar Falls have mutual aid agreements for fire response. It’s not correct to say either city would be “required” to send equipment. The departments help each other when staff or equipment is available and needed.

Q: Will there be voter registration information available at the March For Our Lives march on March 24 in Waterloo?

A: Yes, Americans for Democratic Action will be providing nonpartisan voter registration and information about the new voter identification laws.

Q: What was Christina Applegate’s name on “Married with Children”?

A: She played Kelly Bundy.

Q: What happened to Ally Crutcher on the noon news?

A: Crutcher is co-anchor now for the KWWL morning show, “Today in Iowa.”

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