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Q: Did Jeff Danielson resign from the Cedar Falls Fire Department or did he retire?

A: Jeff Danielson announced his resignation from both the Iowa Senate and as a Cedar Falls firefighter Feb. 14. He has since announced a new job as the American Wind Energy Association’s central region director.

Q: How much was Walt Rogers, Republican candidate, making in his job on the Iowa Public Employees Relations Board appointed by Governor Reynolds? Also, was this job supposed to be voted on instead of just being appointed by Reynolds?

A: Rogers eventually would have faced Senate confirmation, he just wasn’t in the post long enough; they hadn’t yet gotten to it. Rogers resigned the job Feb. 22 to run for the Iowa Senate District 30 seat vacated by Jeff Danielson. It’s not uncommon for someone appointed to a post to serve for a stretch before confirmation. Board members in FY18 were paid an annual salary of $84,822.40.

Q: What was the Waterloo City Council meeting about Feb. 27, and what was the vote taken?

A: The Waterloo City Council held a budget work session Feb. 27. The only votes taken were to approve the agenda and to adjourn. There was discussion in between those actions.

Q: In the mayor’s budgets for Waterloo, how much was the budget in Buck Clark’s last year in office? What was it last year for Quentin Hart?

A: The current budget for the Waterloo Mayor’s Office is $274,226. The fiscal year 2016 mayoral budget was $204,775. The biggest difference in those budgets involved the addition of a part-time communications director in the office.

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Q: Is Waterloo going to have a St. Patrick’s Day parade?

A: We have not received any notifications about any organizations planning to host a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Waterloo this year.

Q: Where can I continue to read the Non Sequitur comic?

A: There are some subscription comic locations online.

Q: Is Chris Harrison, host of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” married with children?

A: He is divorced with two kids.

Q: Are chokeberries and chokecherries the same thing?

A: According to Steven Eilers, urban agriculture specialist with Black Hawk County Extension, “No, they are quite different. Black chokeberry is one of the common names for the common small, fruit-bearing shrub Aronia melanocarpa. There are also red and purple varieties. Chokecherry is the common name for only distantly related plant within the rose family and is a different plant. The chokecherry is a tree. These two species have some similarities but many differences. Chokecherry fruit and its leaves are considered toxic to people and animals, but chokeberry is not. Raw chokecherry contains cyanide, but cooking the fruit will rid it of the cyanide and is often made into tasty jams and jellies. Chokecherry fruit has a single seed known as a stone or pit. Chokeberry (aronia) fruit has five or less seeds per fruit. The seeds are small and barely noticeable when you eat the fruit.”

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