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Q: What is the name of the city building inspector? I think his first name was Rex.

A: The Waterloo building official is Greg Ahlhelm.

Q: At the corner of Ansborough and University in front of Burger King the new cement poured last fall already has huge potholes. Who is responsible for repairing these?

A: On Ansborough Avenue, the existing pavement was widened next to Burger King as part of the University Avenue project. To complete this work, the contractor removed and replaced the existing curb and gutter section and added an additional turn lane last year. The potholes on Ansborough Avenue are in the existing pavement lanes and will be maintained by the city, said City Engineer Jamie Knutson.

Q: Are there still plans for a new Dollar General Store to be built in Reinbeck?

A: At this time, Dollar General does not have any plans for new store in Reinbeck, according to the company’s media relations representatives.

Q: What is Eric Giddens’ job at UNI?

A: Eric Giddens is a program manager for the Center for Energy and Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa.

Q: Do you have any information on Chuck Todd’s father being from Waterloo?

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A: Todd wrote in a 2017 Sports Illustrated piece about the Green Bay Packers: “My love of the Packers was passed down to me by my late father, Steve. While he spent most of his life in Miami, he always viewed himself as a Midwesterner first (he was born in Waterloo, Iowa, and moved to Miami before high school). And there’s no team that epitomizes the Midwest he lionized more than the Green Bay Packers. Though they’re separated by a five-hour drive, Waterloo and Green Bay could easily be twin cities; they are that similar. So, for him, passing on his love of the Packers was about more than just football, it was about grounding me with Midwestern values. (My father was so obsessed with making sure I had some Midwestern roots that my first bank account was set up at Waterloo Savings and Loan. Somewhere I still have that passbook, but I digress ...)”

Q: What house did John Wayne Gacy live in here?

A: He lived on Fairlane Street.

Q: Since Hallmark Channel fired Lori Loughlin, what happens to all the different people on the shows she was on? Will they continue the shows without her or are the shows on a hold?

A: “Garage Sale Mysteries” has been canceled, and all the people who worked on it will have to look for new jobs. Her other show, “When Calls the Heart,” is on hiatus, but Hallmark has said it will not be canceled. It seems likely they’ll find a way to write out Loughlin’s character.

Q: When Jesse Cosby was young, how many other siblings did he have? Also, what did he die from at the age of 50?

A: Cosby died of cancer in 1957. The obituary the Courier ran then listed two brothers and two sisters.

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