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Q: At what meeting did the Waterloo City Council approve the position of major in the police department?

A: This position was not sent to council for approval because it was just a name change for a current position. The position name changed from captain of police services to major.

Q: When President Trump goes to Florida to his summer home do they fly his limo down there to use? Do they also haul vehicles down there for the Secret Service to drive?

A: According to Politifact, when the president travels several military aircraft are involved. These include Air Force One, carrying the president, his entourage and guests, cargo planes packing motorcade limousines and other equipment, and aircraft to transport personnel who conduct security sweeps before the president arrives. Trump’s 2017 costs just for airfare to Mar-a-Lago topped $6 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. That doesn’t include the cost of Secret Service protection. A Secret Service spokesman told Newsweek the agency does not comment on the costs of protecting public officials.

Q: If a city council person has been involved in the past with public intoxication and then was also involved in a domestic disturbance recently, would that disqualify them from remaining on the council? How would that person be replaced?

A: The answer to the first question is no. If a council person dies, resigns or otherwise leaves office in Iowa, the remaining council members can choose to replace them by a majority vote or call for a special election. Voters can petition for a special election if they don’t like who the council chooses as a replacement.

Q: Every week in the TV guide from the Courier there is a listing with the letters ALN but never any channels listed. What is this?

A: That is Nostalgia Good TV, formerly AmericanLife TV Network (ALN). It’s not in our channel listings. We will remove it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Q: Can you print the words to the Second Amendment?

A: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Q: Regarding the editorial Feb. 11 about Ric Lumbard from the Iowa Communications Network who misappropriated hundreds of thousands dollars of taxpayer money: Has he been charged with any criminal negligence?

A: No criminal charges have been filed, but according to the Des Moines Register, an attachment to an October 2017 search warrant application filed in connection with the investigation states the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was “looking into the criminal acts of theft first (degree) by misappropriation; felonious misconduct in office; and the misappropriation of money to Jessica Jensen.”

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