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Q: I see Lori Loughlin is being let go by Hallmark. But are her two series going to be canceled, or will they recast the roles?

A: Hallmark hasn’t said for sure, but news reports say it seems likely “Garage Sale Mysteries” will be canceled, and her character will be written out of “When Calls the Heart.”

Q: Who is the head of circulation at the Courier, and what is his or her phone number?

A: It’s Adam Bolander, (319) 291-1522.

Q: When will there be new episodes of “The Ranch” on Netflix?

A: Netflix hasn’t announced a start date yet.

Q: Has this winter surpassed the winter of 1936, or was 1936 still worse?

A: Some information from Justin Glisan, the state climatologist: “As of the end of February 2019, Waterloo reported 53.8 inches of snow since Dec. 1, 2018. Meteorological winter is defined as December-January-February. The highest total on record for winter is 62.0 inches in 1904-1905; 2018-2019 will probably be the second snowiest on record; 1935-1936 is ranked at 15th with 32.8 inches of snow. “Waterloo did have its snowiest February on record at 30.7 inches, breaking the prior record of 24.3 inches set in 1962. The third coldest one-day minimum winter temperature of -31.0 was reported at Waterloo Municipal Airport on the morning of Jan. 31, 2019.”

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Q: An article ran in Sunday’s paper “Farm loan delinquency hits 9-year high.” The article didn’t say what the rent for farmland was nine years ago compared to now. They just talked about tariffs and subsidies. Can you find out what the rent was then compared to now?

A: The average rent for an acre of Iowa farmland was $184 in 2010 and was $222 in 2018, according to Iowa State University Extension.

Q: Did there used to be a Clifton’s Drive-In on Falls Avenue? And was there a restaurant in Waterloo called Cliff’s Supper Club?

A: Clifton’s Park and Eat is listed at 2700 Falls in city directories from the 1950s and early ‘60s. Starting in 1939, Cliff’s Cafe was listed at 109 Oneida, and it had a name change to Cliff’s Supper Club in 1946. It later moved to 106 Linn St.

Q: Is softened water safe to drink?

A: According to the Mayo Clinic, “Some water-softening systems replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. The higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium, the more sodium needed to soften the water. Even so, the added sodium shouldn’t be an issue for most healthy adults. ... However, if you’re on a very low-sodium diet and you’re concerned about the amount of sodium in softened water, you may want to consider a water-purification system that uses potassium chloride instead. Another option is to soften only the hot water and use unsoftened cold water for drinking and cooking.”

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