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Q: Is it legal to have a business in a residential neighborhood in Cedar Falls?

A: According to Cedar Falls Community Development Director Stephanie Houk Sheetz, “the type of uses permitted in any part of the city of Cedar Falls is determined by an area’s specific zoning designation. Generally commercial uses are not permitted in residential neighborhoods with exceptions for home occupations. There are higher density residential zoning districts such as R-4, R-P, MU that allow various commercial and office uses.”

Q: Was Jonathan Mangum of “Let’s Make a Deal” ever in the movies?

A: Yes, he has a long line of acting credits in TV and movies.

Q: What was Billy Graham’s full birth date?

A: He was born Nov. 7, 1918, in North Carolina.

Q: Who won that contest you had for Cedar Valley business of the year?

A: The 2018 Cedar Valley Business of the Year awards were given in three categories.

Winner of the Family-Owned Business of the Year is Young Plumbing & Heating. Scratch Cupcakery, owned by Natalie Brown, was named Woman-Owned Business of the Year. The Diversity Business Award went to Art Carter & Son Electric.

Q: What has happened to the character Dina on “Young and the Restless”?

A: She has Alzheimer’s and is being cared for in Paris.

Q: What year did McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo open?

A: It was built in 1919.

Q: What was Joan Van Ark’s name on the old “Dallas” TV series?

A: She played Valene Ewing.

Q: I’m old and do not have a computer, but I read in the paper and hear on TV that people use internet bots to spread information. What are they? Are they used legally or illegally?

A: A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks over the internet. They’re typically deployed to do repetitive tasks at a faster rate of speed than a human could. Some bots perform helpful tasks, like how Google’s bots crawl the web to display accurate and up-to-date search results, or a chat bot helps you with online customer service. Others are created for malicious means, like overwhelming a website with hits in order to take down a site’s servers, add millions of fake views to YouTube videos or buy up all of the tickets to a show so they can be resold at higher prices. In the case you’re likely referring to, Twitter recently suspended or deleted the accounts of millions of users that Twitter believed were actually Russian-made bots instead of real people, with the goal of disseminating propaganda en masse and influencing politics in the U.S.

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