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Q: Can you print some background information on Richard Boone who played hired gun Paladin in the “Have Gun Will Travel” TV series? Is he really proficient in guns like he portrayed on the show?

A: Boone, who died in 1981 at age 63, was a California native and a seventh-generation nephew of the pioneer Daniel Boone. He attended Stanford University, did some boxing and was a U.S. Navy aerial gunner in World War II before starting his acting career. He definitely had stunt doubles for the show, but his military training did come in handy. He was grateful to the show for giving him some freedom, once saying, “As a result of playing Paladin, I have what is known to actors as a lot of go-to-hell money.”

Q: Regarding the public safety building in Cedar Falls being built on South Main, what is the target date they expect to be moved in and in full service?

A: It’s expected to be completed during the spring/summer 2019.

Q: They say 85 percent of tax breaks go to 1 percent of rich people. What percentage of taxes do the 1 percent pay?

A: According to a 2017 analysis by the conservative Tax Foundation, the top 1 percent pay 40 percent of federal income taxes. Other conservative groups claim the top 1 percent of earners (incomes in excess of $615,000) are paying 46 percent of individual income taxes. According to the nonpartisan Institute on Tax Policy, the Top 1 percent pay 34 percent of taxes in the United States, if all forms of taxation — property, sales, gas taxes, etc. — are taken into account.

Q: Was Katie Perry married to Russell Brand for a short time? Are her parents ministers?

A: Yes to both questions.

Q: Have you changed the size of the print on stories recently?

A: No.

Q: Why can’t you see rainbows at night?

A: Rainbows are caused when sunlight shines on water droplets in the air; that’s why you see them in the day. But they can occur in the evening — they’re called moonbows or lunar rainbows. They occur when light reflected by the moon hits water droplets in the air; there needs to be a full or nearly full moon for this to happen, according to the National Geographic.

Q: What is the record for most babies born to one women?

A: It’s thought to belong to the wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a woman in Russia who had 69 children between 1725 and 1765. It was claimed she had 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. Plenty of medical experts doubted this claim. There are substantiated reports of women having more than 30 children.

Q: What are they building in downtown Evansdale at the corner of Lafayette and South Evans Road?

A: A company replacing electric poles has been using a site on the corner of Lafayette and North Evans Road as a staging area, with that work wrapping up soon. Mayor Doug Faas said the city has been approached by several developers about the site in question. He hopes to have good news to report in the near future concerning a development there.

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