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Q: Did IPTV discontinue “Last of the Summer Wine”?

A: The station did not answer an inquiry about it, but we don’t see it on the summer schedule.

Q: Why did you decide to stop printing death notices?

A: We didn’t. They are in about every day.

Q: Does the same St. Bernard dog play in “Beethoven” and “Cujo”?

A: No, different dogs, although the dog used in “Beethoven” was called Cujo in real life.

Q: What happened to co-host Iowa native Mark Steines who appeared on “Home and Family”? Does it have anything to do with the #metoo movement or his contract?

A: Apparently neither. The Hallmark Channel said there were no complaints about Steines’ behavior on or off the set and referred vaguely to changes in creative direction.

Q: Here in Waterloo, where can I go or how can I get my name on the Iowa donor list for bone marrow?

A: We don’t see any upcoming bone marrow donor drives locally. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals, you need to apply online — go to

Q: Has the TV show called “Overhaulin’” featured on Velocity been canceled?

A: We don’t see any plans for a new season.

Q: Who did the singing for Eddie Murphy in “Dreamgirls”?

A: Murphy did his own singing.

Q: On Mediacom Channel 79 RFD, Amy Wilson used to give results of rodeo events, but I haven’t seen her recently. Can you print some background information on her and will she be back?

A: Wilson grew up on a farm in Kansas and in 2008 was Miss Rodeo America. It doesn’t look like she’s coming back to RFD; in a recent Facebook post, she wrote, “I’m alive and well in Texas. I’m no longer with RFD and can’t discuss the details. But I’ll be making an announcement about my next opportunity soon!”

Q: Can you print some background information on actress Millie Perkins and actor Richard Beymer who appeared in the “Diary of Anne Frank”?

A: Perkins, now 82, is a New Jersey native who had a long career in TV and movies. Beymer, now 80, is an Iowa native whose best known work was probably in “West Side Story.” He has been a photographer and filmmaker as well as an actor.

Q: How do you choose which answers are printed in Call the Courier and which ones are not?

A: We try hard to answer as many as we can. We may disregard questions that are hard to understand, have been answered already, are potentially libelous, are impossible to answer or that are clearly solely trying to stir up trouble for someone. Some are just too complicated for this space. And you may not believe it, judging from the some of the queries we do tackle, but there are questions that are simply too silly to include — we do have our limits.

Q: Can you print some background information on Dale Robertson, star of the “Tales of Wells Fargo” series?

A: Robertson, who died in 2013, was born in Oklahoma and was a World War II veteran. He was best known for appearing in Westerns and had a long career in TV. He hosted “Death Valley Days” along with Ronald Reagan.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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