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Q: Why is there no warning signs or cones to alert drivers of the drop in the pavement at the corner of Texas and San Marnan? A large section of pavement has been dug out.

A: We drove by and did not see the situation described by the caller. Perhaps you can contact the Waterloo Street Department directly with more details.

Q: What is the big light at the intersection of Franklin and Highway 63 where road construction starts? It’s on every night and is very bright and distracting.

A: The Iowa Department of Transportation is not using any extra lights there as part of its road construction project. We drove by at night. The only lights we saw were street lights, lights at the nearby car dealership and lights at the CVS Pharmacy parking lot.

Q: Can you print the names of the judges who determined the winners for the Gold Star Teachers?

A: Twelve Cedar Valley residents with a variety of backgrounds were voting members on the 2018 selection committee. Three of them are former recipients of the Gold Star honor. They include: Louis Beck, Kathy Flynn, Jim Brown, Jerry Gallagher, Christy Twait, Gaëtane Jean-Marie, Madelyn Ridgeway, Emily Hanson, Dominiqua Watts, Carol Luce, Luke Wagner and Amy Lockhart. Find more information about the members at

Q: Approximately what is the finished date for the road torn up in front of the Hillcrest Apartments in Cedar Falls?

A: Stephanie Houk Sheetz, director of Community Development, said University Avenue is being reconstructed in the area near Hillcrest Apartments throughout the 2018 construction season. Due to access needs of businesses and residents, it is divided into several stages each estimated to take six to eight weeks to complete. For road closure notices by email, sign up by visiting Questions about specific stages or access may be directed to Engineering Services at 268-5161.

Q: Is the yellow weather warning siren at the mouth of Black Hawk Park activated? If not, why not? Will they be doing anything so the people north of Cedar Falls to the boundaries of Janesville can hear sirens?

A: The siren in Black Hawk Park is up and operational at this time. Best practice suggests people invest in weather radios to get the latest weather information that can be heard indoors. Outdoor warning sirens are meant for people who are outdoors to take shelter.

Q: Is it true some of the TV stations aren’t going to be showing President Trump’s tweets anymore?

A: We believe the caller is referring to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, a former senior communications staffer for George W. Bush. Wallace cut herself off mid-sentence while reading President Trump’s tweets on-air May 26, calling them “boldface lies.” She had been reading a series of the president’s tweets in which he attacked the FBI’s alleged use of an informant during his campaign.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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