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Q: Why are Neo-Nazis now be referred to as the Alt-Right?

A: “There is diversity of opinion among people that describe themselves as part of the alt-right,” George Hawley, a political scientist at the University of Alabama, told USA Today, “but most of the people who are energetically pushing the movement can be described as white nationalist.” While most people in the alt-right are not neo-Nazis, they are “well represented” in the group, Hawley says.

Q: What is Prince Harry and Prince William’s last name?

A: Their last name is officially Mountbatten-Windsor, although it’s rarely used.

Q: What is Jim Offner doing now?

A: He is a freelance writer still living in the area.

Q: Why can’t we keep daylight savings times the way it is right now year around? Who can we contact about this?

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A: Daylight saving time — meant to save energy and make good use of daylight hours — was first implemented in the United States during World War I. A 1966 act of Congress made DST uniform nationally from the end of April through the end of October, and there have been refinements since. To change it, you could start with your state senators and representatives.

Q: Where is the nearest Baskin-Robbins?

A: The company website doesn’t list any within 50 miles of Waterloo-Cedar Falls. It looks as if the nearest ones are in Davenport or Des Moines.

Q: What is an RL hotel? I believe the R stands for Ramada.

A: The Hotel RL locations are actually owned by the Red Lion brand. The company has described them as boutique hotels inspired by Pacific Northwest culture, aimed at the “millennial guest or those who have adopted a millennial mindset.”

Q: Why is the Cedar Falls Industrial Park taking credit for a private entrepreneur expansion in the industrial park? This person has even stated they aren’t taking any tax payments for this.

A: Cedar Falls Community Development Director Stephanie Houk Sheetz replies: “If this question is referring to the proposed new hotel and conference center expansion near the existing Hilton Garden Inn, the caller has correctly noted this is a private investment requesting no city assistance. The city of Cedar Falls appreciates the new private investment being proposed by Chris Bro Hospitality and looks forward to working with the developer on planning, development and building items to make this a successful project. For questions on specific projects, please contact Bob Seymour, Planning & Community Services Manager at 273-8600.”

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