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Q: Years ago did Lowell School used to be a Catholic school?

A: No. According to the Waterloo Community Schools, the first Lowell School opened on Washington Street in 1889, with an addition built in 1907.

The current Lowell was built in 1931.

Q: On the front page of the Monday Courier it says BBQ-Loo and Blues Too Annual event set in July in the Cedar Valley on A3, but I couldn’t find anything in the whole paper.

A: The story held at the last minute due to space limitations, and someone forgot to change the page 1 “teaser” to it.

Q: Does any packing house still make the Rath Black Hawk meats?

A: Smithfield Foods distributes Rath Black Hawk products through John Morrell and Co. The Morrell website lists Rath bacon and hot dogs among its products.

Q: What years was Dell’s farm on the corner of Washington and Leversee?

A: The Waterloo Public Library reference staff couldn’t confirm exact years.

What they did find: An 1895 Courier article describes the wedding of Dell Leversee and Fannie Mowry and says they plan to live in Mount Vernon Township, and a 1913 item describes Leversee as a prosperous Mount Vernon farmer.

There are help wanted ads for the farm in the 1930s and ’40s, and an October 1951 article details an armed robbery at the Leversee farm.

Dell Leversee died in 1956, still living on the farm.

His obituary called him “the son of a pioneer Black Hawk County family.”

Q: What was the average hourly wage of General Motors workers in the past year? What was the average bonus given out?

A: Average pay in 2018 for a General Motors assembly line worker was $19 an hour, according to GM, and the average cash bonus was $1,185.

Q: What is the formula for finding the number of seconds for terminal velocity?

A: Here’s what NASA says: Use the terminal velocity formula, v = the square root of ((2*m*g)/(ρ*A*C)). Plug the following values into that formula to solve for v, terminal velocity.

  • m = mass of the falling object
  • g = the acceleration due to gravity. On Earth this is approximately 9.8 meters per second.
  • p = the density of the fluid the object is falling through.
  • A = the projected area of the object. This means the area of the object if you projected it onto a plane that was perpendicular to the direction the object is moving.
  • C = the drag coefficient. This number depends on the shape of the object. The more streamlined the shape, the lower the coefficient. You can look up some approximate drag coefficients.

Or just use the calculator they have available at www.grc.nasa.gov.

Q: Where can I write to Steve Harvey?

A: Try sending mail to the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, 3565 Piedmont Road Bldg. 3, Ste. 710, Atlanta, GA 30305-8207.

Q: Where can I write “Blue Bloods” producer Leonard Goldberg?

A: Write to him at Mandy Productions, 9201 Wilshire Blvd. 206, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.

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