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Q: What is the salary plus benefits of the CEO of Alliant Energy?

A: Patricia Kampling has a base salary of about $977,900 a year, according to the 2017 Alliant annual meeting minutes. Then with stock awards, incentive plan compensation, change in pension value and deferred compensation earnings and “all other compensation,” her total income comes to about $6,535,300.

Q: What is a mailing address for Sean Hannity of Fox News?

A: Write him in care of Fox News, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10036.

Q: Where can a former felon get the form to ask the governor to restore voting rights?

A: It’s available on the governor’s website at https://governor.iowa.gov, or call (515) 281-5211.

Q: Regarding the United Methodist LGBTQ vote earlier this year — did the worldwide Methodist affiliations get to vote? Did those votes affect the final tally?

A: Yes, delegates from around the world did vote, and those votes absolutely affected the outcome. According to a Christianity Today report after the conference, “It was not the outcome many Americans, including most UMC bishops, had been praying for. In the States, a large portion of Methodists wanted to see the church accommodate LGBT ceremonies and clergy, as other mainline denominations have done in recent years. One poll through Mainstream UMC reported at least two-thirds of US delegates supported the more-inclusive ‘One Church Plan’ instead. But the growing global presence among the 12 million-member denomination held more sway. Methodists from outside the US, who favor more traditional positions on sexuality, made up 41 percent of the general conference’s 864 delegates. A full 30 percent were from Africa.”

Q: Does the health insurance for members of Congress cover hearing aids?

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A: Under the terms of the Affordable Healthcare Act, members of Congress buy their policies on a Washington health care exchange, the D.C. Health Link; the government subsidizes 72% of the premiums. Members decide which plan to choose; some may choose plans that cover hearing aids.

Q: How long can you store kerosene in a five-gallon can for emergency purposes?

A: If it’s stored in an airtight, rust-free container, most sources say it should be good for two to five years. There are fuel stabilizing additives you can use to extend that shelf life.

Q: When the Academy Awards were started, how many categories were there? How about now?

A: The first ceremony in 1929 had 12 categories. There were 24 categories this year.

Q: Is Chris O’Donnell of “NCIS: Los Angeles” related to Rosie O’Donnell?

A: No. Once when the actor appeared on her talk show, Rosie O’Donnell jokingly referred to him as her “little brother,” but there’s no actual relation.

Q: Is Laura Ingraham of the “Ingraham Angle” on TV married and does she have children?

A: Ingraham has never married. She has three adopted children.

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