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Q. If the Waterloo City Council reduces the number of city council meetings as reported in the June 21 Courier shouldn’t they also take a proportional cut in their annual compensation? Won’t this also reduce the mayor’s responsibility, thus reducing his salary as well?

A. You are stating an opinion, so any answer to this question is just some rebuttal points. The time spent by council members in regular council meetings is expected to be a smaller portion of the job than attending to citizen inquiries and requests throughout the week. Time spent in weekly council meetings is a very, very small part of the mayor's weekly duties running the city. Also, the amount of time and agenda items that would be on a twice-monthly agenda would be twice as much as those now on a weekly agenda.

Q. What is the smell at Hammond and Ridgeway? There's an awful gas smell.

A. MidAmerican Energy was dealing with a natural gas leak in that area recently; we wrote about it here: https://wcfcourier.com/news/local/waterloo-fire-hammond-ave-gas-leak-not-a-danger-to/article_fd7e1d8c-1d20-5d38-80e2-73cea39758c3.html

Q. On the corner of South and Ninth streets in Waterloo, just past the office building, is a house where the grass hasn’t been mowed in six months and the house looks like it's falling apart. Who can I contact to see what the situation is with that property?

A. Call Waterloo Code Enforcement at 291-3820.

Q. Are Trader Liquidators and Amish Connection still in business? If so, what are their phone numbers?

A. What is Trader Liquidators? There is no business by that name incorporated in Iowa and we can't find a record of any such store. There is an Amish Connection store in Marion, which can be reached by calling (319) 200-2018.

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Q. Do any places in Waterloo or Cedar Falls take donations of air conditioners and fans?

A. The Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts working appliances under seven years of age and clean. There are no other places listed as accepting air conditioners or fans on either earth911.com or the Black Hawk County Wastetrac websites at this time.

Q. What happens if you don’t pay a speeding ticket issued from the photo taken by from the automatic speed enforcement program in Waterloo?

A. The city sends unpaid citations to a collections agency, but they do not impact credit ratings. The city also uses the state income offset program, which means the state of Iowa will withhold state tax refunds and other state-issued payments to you until the fines are paid to the city. Registered vehicle owners getting three or more citations in a year, whether paid or not, receive a personal visit by an officer who cites them for allowing a chronic nuisance vehicle.

Q. Is it legal to drive golf carts and four-wheelers on city streets in Evansdale?

A. Golf carts and ATVs are allowed on streets in Evansdale with certain restrictions mentioned in the applicable ordinances. A permit issued by the city and a displayed decal are required for either one of these vehicles to be used on city streets.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.

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