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Q. We happened to Gina Tognoni who played Phyllis on the “Young and the Restless”?

A. Actress Michelle Stafford, who played Phyllis for years, is returning to the show and the role. After her final day, Tognoni posted on her social media, "That’s a wrap!! I am so grateful for everyone who took the journey with my Phyllis. See you soon."

Q. Where are the Denny’s restaurants located in Iowa? Are there any Sambo restaurants left in Iowa?

A. There are Denny's in Brooklyn, Clive and Davenport, according to the company. There is only one Sambo's left anywhere -- the first one, in Santa Barbara, Calif., run by the grandson of the original owner. All other locations had closed by the early 1980s; some of these locations became Denny's or Baker's Square restaurants.

Q. Three years ago we planted a white Easter lily and now three years later we have the most beautiful orange colored lily blooming. What happened to make it turn orange?

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A. An answer from Steven Eilers with Black Hawk County Extension: "There are two good possibilities: The first is repeated pollination with orange lilies. Bees and other pollinators travel and carry genetic material from other color lilies with them and hybridize as they go. The second (and most likely) is that that the “mother plant” of the lily was orange. That plant was modified to make white Easter lilies. After several growing years, the plant has simply reverted back to its original form and color. This is very common with the cool new colors of coneflowers now on the market. Many people have been surprised when the cool, exotic coneflower they planted a few years ago turns back into the more common purple of the mother plant. Enjoy the new orange lily and plant another white Easter lily next spring."

Q: It's been over a year since Lotto America had a winner -- May 5, 2018. Something must be wrong. Can you explain?

A: The Iowa Lottery's Mary Neubauer responds: The Lotto America jackpot's current run illustrates something people have heard us say a lot through the years: When it comes to lottery jackpot wins, you just never know when the next big one will hit. The jackpot in Lotto America has been growing for a long time, but someone will win it. The game is played only in 13 states as opposed to Powerball and Mega Millions, which are played in dozens of U.S. states. And Lotto America is designed with a smaller jackpot than those larger games, which means that overall, fewer people are playing for it. The Lotto America jackpot has been won twice since the game's start: Once in Minnesota and once in Iowa. We're excited to see who the next jackpot winner will be when that time comes.

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