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Q. Who are Heather Tom and Andrea Evans on the “Bold and the Beautiful”?

A. Andrea Evans has played Tawny Moore, Amber's mother, on and off for several years. Heather Tom has played Katie Logan since 2007.

Q. Is there a place that accepts jigsaw puzzles other than Goodwill?

A. Try the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.

Q. Recently I was in Charles, S.C., and parked my car at a meter location that accepted plastic credit cards as payment. I talked with an acquaintance and he stated Waterloo has the same type of meters. I have been unable to locate any of them, only the telephone app meters. Does Waterloo have credit card meters?

A. The city of Waterloo does not have meters that accept credit cards. It does utilize the parking app, which allows people to pay for their meter space online.

Q. Can you print some information on the new meteorologist on KWWL, Brandon Libby?

A. KWWL says Libby is an Iowa State University graduate who spent the last few years as a meteorologist with KIMT in Mason City.

Q. What did Malcolm Berko die of? The Courier ran his column called Smart Money. What has happened to that column?

A. Berko's family simply said he died after a brief illness; his column won't continue. We plan to run financial columns from several different writers in that space on the Sunday business page.

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Q. How do I contact the SHIIP program in Waterloo to help me with my Medicare questions?

A. Call MercyOne at 272-7857; you may need to leave a name and phone number to have a call returned.

Q. What can slow down the climate change?

A. According to NASA: "Because climate change is a truly global, complex problem with economic, social, political and moral ramifications, the solution will require both a global-coordinated response (such as international policies and agreements between countries, a push to cleaner forms of energy) and local efforts on the city- and regional-level (for example, public transport upgrades, energy efficiency improvements, sustainable city planning, etc.).

Q. For events at the RiverLoop Amphitheatre this summer, where should one park?

A. There are more than 300 parking spaces available in the lots that serve the Center for the Arts on both sides of Commercial Street, combined with metered parking located within one block of the center. Downtown meters are not enforced after 5 p.m. Additionally, there are many more spaces available in other nearby public lots and at businesses which also allow public parking after 5 p.m. The Waterloo Center for the Arts offers a map of parking in the area which is available upon request.


An answer in the June 28 Call the Courier incorrectly states where to find records for Elmwood Cemetery and Waterloo Cemetery. The person should contact the cemeteries directly. Elmwood's phone number is 232-2348. Waterloo Cemetery's phone number is 232-4751.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.

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