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Q: Do you know when Hoda Kotb will be returning to the “Today Show?”

A: As of the day this was received, her return date hadn’t been announced yet.

Q: When did you print the state trap-shooting results?

A: We typically don’t print state trapshooting results for a couple of reasons. First, there are a lot of events with a lot of categories, which would take a considerable amount of time to process. Second, results aren’t available anywhere in a timely fashion. Lastly, many events end up in shoot-offs, which delays the completion of the events sometimes for a couple of days. We have elected to tell the stories of some of the individuals involved in the state shoot rather than focus on the results.

Q: What is the difference between a credit and debit card?

A: An explanation from the Experian credit reporting bureau: “A debit card allows you to make charges using money that that’s already on account with a financial institution. For example, most checking accounts offer customers a debit card that can make purchases using the funds already in your checking account. Each time a purchase is made, that amount is subtracted, or debited, from the account’s available balance. A credit card is a type of payment card that allows purchases to be made on credit, which is a kind of loan. Every charge that’s made to a credit card represents a loan against a line of credit that must be repaid. Interest is incurred against each charge; however, most credit cards offer a grace period that allows you to avoid interest charges when you pay your entire statement balance in full before the due date.” Credit cards help you build a credit history, but the interest charges add up quickly if you don’t pay them off each month.

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Q: Can you give contact info for the back-to-school project through the Waterloo Jaycees?

A: Email cedarvalleyjaycees@gmail.com. Kelsey Hammer-Parks is the contact person for the project.

Q: If all the Waterloo Schools go to a free lunch program this fall, what becomes of the balances left over from the last school year? Will they be returned?

A: The money in the student lunch accounts will certainly be made available to the families, said Michael Coughlin, Waterloo Community Schools’ chief financial officer. The district will communicate and provide options for the balances in August. These include keeping the money in the student account or transferring it to a sibling account to pay for a la carte items because it is the full meal only that qualifies for federal/state reimbursement that is free; transferring money to pay for parking, lab fees, yearbook, etc.; or requesting the reimbursement by parents.


A question in the Friday paper asked about Father Brunkan and an address to send him a card. A reader kindly let us know he has just retired this month and that cards can now be sent to him at 110 S. High St. No. 1, Greene, IA 50636.

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