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Q. Where do we report someone who is using his dead father's handicapped parking sticker?

A. Contact the Office of Vehicle and Motor Carrier Services, Iowa department of Transportation, P.O. Box 9278, Des Moines 50306-9278; or (515) 237-3110.

Q. What is the population of the world right now? And what would it have been if there had been no World War II?

A. Most estimates put the current population between 7.2 and 7.5 billion people. The second question requires speculation, of course. But some 75 to 80 million people died in World War II, or roughly 3 percent of the population recorded in 1940. If the world has 7.5 billion people, adding another 3 percent to that means about 225 million more people now.

Q. In 1948 I made a telephone call from Tokyo, Japan, to Nebraska City, Neb. By what means was this telephone call transmitted?

A. We honestly couldn't find a solid answer about transpacific communication in the 1940s. We found reminiscences from soldiers in Germany after World War II who said calling the States was nearly impossible. If any readers have reliable information, please let us know.

Q. How long can a person pump their sump pump water into a ditch in Waterloo?

A. There is no time limit for a sump pump discharging into a public ditch, said Waterloo City Engineer Jamie Knutson.

Q. What is Stedman Graham doing now?

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A. Graham runs his own Chicago-based management & consulting firm, founded the Leadership Institute of Chicago and released a new book, "Identity Leadership: To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself," in May.

Q. Who had the fireworks on Monday, June 10?

A. There was a fireworks show in downtown Waterloo as part of the VGM Heartland Conference.

Q. What's being built next to the new Fareway in Cedar Falls?

A. The city of Cedar Falls has built a public safety building next the Fareway on Greenhill Road. 

Q. I know lots of the old Irish songs that are popular here in the U.S. Are those songs also popular in Ireland?

A. Traditional music --"the trad" -- is popular, but Irish people might choose some different songs than Americans would. RTE, Ireland's national television and radio broadcast company, had a national competition this spring to choose the country's favorite folk song. People from all over the country voted, and they chose "On Raglan Road" as the winner. The other songs in the top 10: "A Rainy Night in Soho"; "A Woman’s Heart"; "Danny Boy"; "Óró, Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile"; "Rocky Road to Dublin"; "The Foggy Dew': "The Green Fields of France (Willie McBride)"; "The Parting Glass"; and "The Town I Loved So Well."

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