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Q: Where was the west-side Morg’s restaurant located?

A: Morg’s Lunch is listed at 413 W. Fourth St. in the 1955 city directory, run by Hilmer Morgensen.

Q: Who was president during the War of 1812?

A: The president was James Madison.

Q: Is it true that in Germany, health care coverage is provided by insurance companies?

A: According to a 2015 report on international health systems, “Health insurance is mandatory for all citizens and permanent residents of Germany. It is provided by competing, not-for-profit, nongovernmental health insurance funds (“sickness funds”; there were 124 as of January 2015) in the statutory health insurance system, or by substitutive private health insurance. States own most university hospitals, while municipalities play a role in public health activities, and own about half of hospital beds. ... Sickness funds are funded by compulsory contributions levied as a percentage of gross wages up to a ceiling. Coverage is universal for all legal residents. ... As of 2015, the legally set uniform contribution rate is 14.6 percent of gross wages.”

Q: Which is older, Cedar Falls or Waterloo?

A: They’re pretty much the same age. The first permanent residents of Cedar Falls — then called Sturgis Falls — were William Sturgis and his brother-in-law, Erasmus Adams in 1845. Waterloo, originally known as Prairie Rapids Crossing, was first settled in 1845 by George and Mary Melrose Hanna and their children.

Q: Regarding a wholesale grocery store called Smith, Lichty and Hillman Co. that was located in Waterloo years ago — where were they located? What years were they in business?

A: It started in 1890 and was at 610, 612 and 614 Sycamore St., according to a May 28, 1890, Courier report. City directories from the 1920s and ’30s list an address at 119-135 E. Park Ave., and the 1943 city directory lists them at 416 Sycamore as a distributor for Budweiser beer.

Q: What was the trade deficit the year before Trump was elected? And what is it now?

A: According to the U.S. Trade Deficit News, in October the deficit was $48.73 billion, up 13.15 percent from a year previously.

Q: You recently had a question about the old six-on-six girls basketball. Why did they stop using that format?

A: Many girls from six-on-six schools thought their chances for playing college ball were weakened because they didn’t have five-on-five experience. There also were suggestions that having to stop hard at the center line led to more knee injuries for six-on-six players.

Q: What did Babe Ruth die of? How old was he?

A: The great player died of cancer in 1948, age 53.

Q: In the Dec. 29 Daily Record fire alarms for Dec. 23 it lists the house at 126 Madison St. to assist resident. Didn’t this house also catch fire later in the week? Did this house have problems two times in one week or is this a misprint?

A: It’s not a misprint. A resident at that address requested assistance from Waterloo Fire Rescue at 8:49 p.m. Dec. 23. Then on Dec. 30, the house caught fire and killed Robert Smiley, 63, who lived alone at that address.

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