Jan. 9, 2020

Jan. 9, 2020

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Q. How come “Coat of Many Colors” with Dolly Parton didn’t win an Oscar?

A. It was a made-for-TV movie; those aren’t eligible for the Oscars.

Q. What is the status of the Lowell Elementary School building in Waterloo? Will classes return to the building?

A. Waterloo Schools officials announced Tuesday a new Lowell Elementary School will be built on the site of the present building, opening for classes in August 2021.

Q. What is the status of the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools taking over the Ocwen building?

A. According to an article on page A1 of today's Courier, Ocwen officials were unable to reach an agreement with Cedar Valley Catholic Schools on the donation of the building and are looking for new opportunities to donate or otherwise dispose of the facility.

Q. Is Image Pointe adding on to its building, or is that work for another business?

A. The building addition is an expansion for Image Pointe's business.

Q. Is the corner of Broadway and Parker considered a speed trap?

A. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a speed trap as "a stretch of road policed by often concealed officers or devices (such as radar) so as to catch speeders." The city of Waterloo has a fixed camera set up at the intersection of Broadway and Parker streets, which issues automated traffic enforcement citations to vehicles that violate speed and red-light laws. However, it is not concealed. In fact, signs are in place advising motorists of the device.

Q. They let people with long hair swim in the pool at the SportsPlex with no caps on. Doesn’t that get in the filtration system? They used to make us wear caps in pools.

A. The Cedar Valley SportsPlex does not require swim caps in the pool and long hair has not proven to be an issue with the modern filtration system, said Mark Gallagher, recreation services manager.

Q. How are contestants chosen for “Price is Right”?

A. According to the show website, first, you have to get tickets to a taping. On the day of the show, those with tickets are interviewed briefly by the production staff — they’re looking for “interesting, enthusiastic” people. Those chosen sit with the rest of the audience to wait for their names to be called. Evidently, only about six people out of the roughly 325 audience members will get a chance to play.

Q. What is the background for Mo Rocca of CBS?

A. Rocca, 50, is a journalist, writer, actor and TV presenter. He is originally from Washington, D.C., and graduated from Harvard University. His first TV writing work was for the children's television series “Wishbone” and he later was a regular correspondent for “The Daily Show.” He is a correspondent for "CBS Sunday Morning," the host and creator of "My Grandmother's Ravioli" on the Cooking Channel, and host of the podcast "Mobituaries" from CBS News.


A question in the Jan. 7 paper asked about recycling the new CFL light bulbs. A reader kindly let us know Home Depot will accept them.

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