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Q: One of the jailers from “Shawshank” — was he in an early version of “Bad Boys”?

A: Clancy Brown played Byron Hadley, the captain of the prison guards. He has an extremely long list of credits, but his first role was indeed as the bully Viking Lofgren in “Bad Boys.”

Q: Does the country group Alabama still have the same four original members?

A: According to the group’s website, the three men who founded the group in Alabama in 1969 — Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook — are all still with the band. Drummer Mark Herndon was featured on many albums and concerts over the years, but the group members have said he was a paid employee of the band and never actually a member.

Q: How do we reach a game warden in Black Hawk County?

A: The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working to fill the vacant Black Hawk County conservation officer position. For now, contact an officer in one of the surrounding counties: Dakota Drish, (563) 920-0566; Chris Jones, (319) 939-4448; Jordon Hansen, (319) 240-8033; Tyson Brown, (641) 751-5246; or Brett Reece, (641) 751-0931. Call 911 for obvious emergencies.

Q: Is it true you can get a free blood pressure reading at the fire station?

A: Yes. You can have this done at any Waterloo fire station.

Q: If a person puts up a fence on the property line, can he come onto my property to take care of that side of the fence?

A: If he asks and you give permission, your neighbor can come onto your property. There is no provision in Iowa code that specifically allows a neighbor to come onto your property for maintenance of a fence. But why wouldn’t you let your neighbor fix the side of the fence you have to look at?

Q: How much did Dunkerton taxpayers pay for the curb and gutter as stated in the Nov. 12 minutes? Why weren’t the costs assessed to the property owners?

A: The bill came to $1,500. We emailed Dunkerton City Council members asking about whether assessment was a normal practice and did not receive any reply.

Q: There’s a business on Ansborough called Buffalo Weaver. What does that business do?

A: Buffalo Weaver Inc. weaves materials such as paper, vinyl, fiberglass, leather/faux leather, natural fibers or other materials for a variety of products, including furniture trim, lamp shades, wallpaper, hampers, baskets, and craft applications, among other items.

Q: What is the name of the delightful British woman at the check-in desk at the Waterloo Airport each morning?

A: That’s Wendy Wilson.

Q: What are the size comparisons for the three Trinkets and Togs stores — Waverly, Grundy Center and Cedar Falls?

A: Waverly is the largest store, at roughly 8,000 square feet, and the Grundy Center and Cedar Falls stores are roughly half that, at 4,000 square feet, according to Clark Wilharm, executive director of the Larrabee Center, which operates the Trinkets and Togs stores.

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