Jan. 10, 2020

Jan. 10, 2020

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Q: Who do I call about delivery of the DEX phone books?

A: Try calling (877) 243-8339.

Q: What did Peggy Lipton die of? How about the other two people on “The Mod Squad”?

A: Lipton died in May of colon cancer. Clarence Williams III, who played Lincoln Hayes, is now 80, and Michael Cole, who was Peter Cochran on the show, is 79 years old.

Q: Did Perry Mason ever lose a court case in all the years he was on TV?

Q: According to the MeTV website: “There was never a case Mason didn’t win ... well, except for one. The season six episode “The Case of the Witless Witness” opens with the jury handing down a guilty verdict to Mason’s client. It’s his only loss that wasn’t reversed. Two more episodes see Mason losing a case, but the skilled lawyer was able to reverse the decisions handed down by the jury.”

Q: I see people using the abbreviation “SMH” — what does it stand for?

A: It stands for “shaking my head.”

Q: You said Grassley voted guilty on Clinton’s impeachment. Is that true?

A: Yes. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, voted “guilty” on both articles of impeachment, for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Q: Why can’t we get urban renewal back in Waterloo?

A: Urban renewal generally is the process of the government buying up and removing blighted and slum properties so they can be redeveloped by private enterprise. The city of Waterloo has been doing this for decades and has several urban renewal tax increment financing districts. The federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 established the Community Development Block Grant program — still used in Waterloo today — changed the focus of “urban renewal” to fix up rather than demolish substandard housing and blighted neighborhoods. The federal government has significantly reduced the amount of CDBG dollars Waterloo receives each year.

Q: What is an address to write to Disney and ABC?

A: Write the Walt Disney World Co. at P.O. Box 10000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000. Write to ABC at 47 W. 66th St., New York, NY 10023-6290.

Q: On Dec. 16 the city agreed to buy two properties from Hawthorne Homes. The total was $100,000. What is the assessed value of those homes?

A: The Waterloo City Council voted Dec. 16 to purchase two houses from Hawthorne Rentals for a combined $95,250. The assessor’s value on those properties is $87,600.

Q: When is the DOT planning to upgrade the intersection at Highway 58 and Greenhill Road?

A: The Iowa Department of Transportation does not have any projects for that intersection in its current five-year plan.

Q: What is a mailing address to write to Cal Thomas?

A: We can only find an email address: tcaeditorstribpub.com.

Q: What did Otis Redding die of?

A: Redding died in a plane crash in Madison, Wis., in 1967.

Q: Where are there any Kmart stores left in Iowa?

A: There are still stores in Algona and Charles City, but they’re both scheduled to close sometime in February.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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