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Q: Regarding the State Historical Society of Iowa’s collection of casualties from World War I from Iowa that is traveling around to various libraries in the state — is it scheduled to be at the Waterloo or Cedar Falls library next year?

A: Not so far. The World War I Honor Roll exhibit will be at the Iowa City Public Library, 123 S. Linn St., through Jan. 27 and then at the St. Ambrose University Library, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, until March 4.

Q: Regarding the red light cameras: Is there a certain amount of time you need to sit at a red light before turning right on red so you don’t get a ticket?

A: No.

Q: Does everyone on “Survivor” get paid something for being on the show?

A: Show producers have never made the numbers public. But recent contestant Jon Dalton talked about compensation in an interview in the spring and said the first person voted off the show gets $3,500. Jury members, who vote on the final three, pocket $40,000. The two runners up earn $110,000, he said, and the winner takes home $1,010,000.

Q: Abby Turpin always looks so nice. Does she have her dresses custom made?

A: Turpin told us this fall, “I get my dresses from all over — in stores and online.”

Q: At the latest school board meeting in Cedar Falls, they were discussing furnishing vans to take people to Des Moines to lobby at the Legislature. Are public funds being used for this? If so, isn’t this illegal to use public funds for lobbying?

A: Advocacy for proper policy and legislative action regarding public schools is not a violation of use of public funds, said Cedar Falls Community Schools spokeswoman Janelle Darst.

Q: Regarding the ballot published in the Nov. 27 paper about the Dunkerton School District: Is this on top of the bond already passed for the school? Is this an added tax? Why wasn’t this put on the ballot in the November election?

A: The ballot question on the Dec. 11 special election was to renew the district’s physical plant and equipment levy for another 10 years. While the district was asking voters for approval of another property tax, it wasn’t an added tax. The PPEL, which was approved, maintains a component of the existing overall tax levy, as did the bond issue approval. Regarding when the referendum was held, current state law lays out the day in each of four months during both even- and odd-numbered years that a special school election can be held. During even-numbered years, a special school board election cannot be held on the November general election date. A change in the law starting in 2019 will allow special school board elections to be held on the November election date, since regular school board elections will also be moved to that day. Until now, they have been held in September during odd-numbered years. However, during even-numbered years, special school board elections will still be held in December. Federal elections are held during even-numbered years in November.

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