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Q: The Grassley Group is located at 600 State St., Cedar Falls. What kind of business is this?

A: The group is an association management company, which are for-profit businesses that manage associations to help them grow and prosper, according to AMC Institute.

Q: If President Trump was impeached or sent to prison would he still get Secret Service protection?

A: A president removed from office through impeachment would forfeit pension and benefits, including Secret Service protection, according to the National Public Pension Coalition. But Secret Service protection would not disappear because a president had been convicted of a crime. However, a former president convicted of a crime would probably never see the inside of an ordinary prison. House arrest or some other alternative accommodations would be more likely than Leavenworth.

Q: How does Waterloo Schools Supt. Jane Lindaman qualify for raises when the schools are not meeting standards? Who determines her wages?

A: The Waterloo Board of Education determines her wages. The size of her raise each year is tied to a performance pay plan with 43 metrics developed by the board, many of them related to student achievement. Last September, the board determined that Lindaman achieved 47 percent of the goals in that plan. She was awarded a $9,400 raise.

Q: With the new farm bill the paper states there is a House provision that expands the definition of family to include first cousins, nieces, nephews making them eligible for payments under the program. What kind of payments are they talking about that would include relatives?

A: According to the Washington Post: “The farm bill has faced criticism, including from conservative Republicans, for enlarging federal farm subsidies. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, one of two farmers in the Senate and a member of the Agriculture Committee, voted against the package over its expansion of federal subsidies to more-distant relatives of farmers, such as cousins, nephews and nieces. The final draft of the legislation also rejected a number of bipartisan reforms aimed at curbing subsidies for large U.S. agricultural interests.”

Q: Are the stoplights from Fifth Street down to the SportsPlex on Jefferson Street in any way timed? I travel that daily and never make it through without stopping at two of the three corners.

A: Downtown Waterloo traffic signals have been timed to provide the most efficient traffic flows on the numbered streets, such as Fifth and Sixth streets, which does come at the expense of crossing streets like Jefferson and Commercial. However, Waterloo Traffic Engineer Mohammad Elahi said the signals have not been retimed since before 2000. The city is in process of developing new timing plans, which would have the side streets faring better in the future.

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