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Q. I have been told students at Cedar Falls High School can take the same test as many times as they need to until they pass it. Is that so? How is that preparing them for college or the work world?

A. No, that is not an accurate statement, said Cedar Falls Community Schools spokeswoman Janelle Darst. The secondary level is moving to learning-based grading practices. These enhance student achievement and increase students’ understanding and application of the specific skills, strategies, knowledge and processes needed to succeed. Darst said the end goal always will be making sure the students learn the material, not that they can just memorize them.

Q: Regarding the Jan. 22 issue on page A8 Daily Record states a 23-year-old man arrested at Covenant Medical Center was charged with assault on a police officer causing injury. He allegedly grabbed a nurse by the throat and threatened to kill her. Was the nurse a policeman working off duty as a nurse? Can you explain?

A: The true name of the statute is assault on persons engaged in certain occupations, which covers attacks on police officers, jailers, paramedics, human service employees, firefighters and health care providers.

Q. In the Jan. 22 Crossword puzzle in The Courier, 20 across said "Meadow rodent." In the Jan. 23 paper it showed the answer as vole. What is a definition of a vole?

A. Voles are small furry rodents found throughout North America, 4 to 7 inches in length with an average weight of one ounce, related to mice and sometimes called meadow mice.

Q. What is the number for the KCRG tip line?

A. The Newsline 9 number is (319) 365-9999.

Q. The TV news mentioned a new app to get your CDL license. Can you give us some information on that?

A. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, "The Iowa CDL test app has everything you need to pass your Iowa Commercial Drivers License (CDL) test the first time! With over 600 exam-like questions, lifetime access to the complete CDL Manual and dozens of test-taking strategies, the Iowa CDL test app helps you get the score you need. Spanning every stage of a CDL professional's career, from pre-licensing and your initial license to driving combinations, hazardous materials, school buses and more, the Iowa CDL test app offers a comprehensive review of critical material." Check for information.

Q: Who do I call to report barking dogs?

A: In Waterloo, contact Waterloo Animal Control at 883-0797.

Q. Did Kirk Ferentz ever go to court in his dispute with his neighbors? How did that turn out?

A. According to The Associated Press, a Feb. 6 trial is scheduled in a lawsuit to decide whether the Ferentzes breached a 2001 agreement and trespassed by planting trees and installing landscaping that neighbors say encroach onto Saddle Club Road.

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