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Q: Is the Love’s Truck Stop on Highway 63 and 20 leasing out part of Greyhound Park’s parking lot for their overflow semi parking in the evening?

A: Yes. Love’s has been very successful. Deer Creek Development, which owns the former Waterloo Greyhound Park property, has an agreement exclusive to Love’s customers that allows them to park in the WGP lot when Love’s is full.

Q: If a car is totaled — what does that mean?

A: Here’s how State Farm explains it: “If your car has been damaged and the potential repair costs exceed the value of the car, it is considered a total loss. ... Other reasons for totaling a vehicle include when the damage makes the car irreparably unsafe or if your state’s regulations require it for your vehicle’s damage severity.”

Q: Is there an address to send a card to for President Trump to make sure he will read it?

A: You can send mail to the president at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500. There’s no guarantee he will read it.

Q: I have a Herrick ice box fridge. What street was this factory on in Waterloo? When did it open and close for business?

A: According to the old city directories, it was at 1019 Commercial St. It was incorporated in 1891 and closed in 1975.

Q: Will Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo still prescribe basic birth control pills?

A: Officials with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa declined to answer, providing only this statement: “Patients with questions can discuss options with their health care provider at their next scheduled appointment.”

Q: Will the state dart and pool tournaments be in Waterloo this year? If so, where? Does the Sullivan Brothers Center still have a liquor license?

A: The Iowa State Dart Championship 2019 will be held Feb. 13-17, and the Iowa State Pool Championship 2019 will be held March 6-10, both at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo as in years’ past. The city of Waterloo has taken steps in recent weeks to bring the convention center up to fire code so it can help restore the liquor license. The license lapsed last spring when it was bought by Leslie Hospitality Consulting, but reverted back to the city this fall when the development agreement fell through. City Clerk Kelley Felchle said she expects the liquor license application to be considered by the City Council in January.

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