Feb. 4, 2020

Feb. 4, 2020

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Q: Is Jimmy Fallon in any way connected to the town of Fallon, Nev.?

A: No apparent connection, although the town had a “Fallon Wants Fallon” social media campaign a couple of years ago to try to get Jimmy Fallon to visit. According to the Travel Nevada website, “Fallon originally got its start more than a century ago after local rancher Mike Fallon created a much-needed crossroads store for early pioneers making their way West. It remained a sparsely settled community until Theodore Roosevelt took office and created the Reclamation Act, which was intended to reclaim desert land in the United States by instituting canals and dams. Since then, Fallon has blossomed, largely due to the production of both alfalfa and specifically a delicious variety of cantaloupe known as Hearts O’ Gold.”

Q: Are country singers Ricky Van Shelton and Blake Shelton related? Is Ricky Van Shelton still alive?

A: In a CMT interview, Blake Shelton said, “No, I’m not related to him, but that is probably the number one question I get out on the road and in interviews and stuff, if I am related to him. And I have never even met the guy.” Ricky Van Shelton is now 68; he announced a few years ago he was retiring from touring.

Q: What is a corporate number and address for Perkins?

A: The headquarters are at 1687 N Shelby Oaks Drive, Ste. 12, Memphis, TN 38134; phone number is (901) 766-6492.

Q: A few years ago, a lady with dementia went missing. Did they ever find her?

A: They did. She went missing in July 2016, and her body was found in October that year in a field about half a mile from her home.

Q: Where can I take paper to be shredded?

A: There are several area businesses that offer the service — Shred-It, the UPS Store, City Carton, Staples. Veridian Credit Union also offers free paper shredding days each year.

Q: Why don’t you list the RFD TV channel shows?

A: It’s simply a space issue. As the number of channels continues to grow, we don’t have the room to put all the channels in.

Q: On “Chicago Fire,” who is the actor who plays Kelly Severide? What else has he been on? How old is he? He reminds me of my first love who went off to Vietnam.

A: That’s actor Taylor Kinney, 38. He’s had roles on “Fashion House,” “Trauma,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Shameless,” “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Med,” among others.

Q: Are Crossroads Boulevard and Sears and Penney streets city streets or private streets?

A: Those are all city streets.

Q: To get one of the new REAL IDs, you need a certified birth certificate or in some case a certified marriage license. To get one, do you have to go to the county where you were born or married?

A: You can also get them through the Iowa Department of Public Health. For more information, call the bureau at (515) 281-4944, write to Iowa Department of Public Health, Lucas State Office Building, 321 E. 12th St., Des Moines 50319-0075, or go to https://idph.iowa.gov/.

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