Q. When is the next Summer Olympics?

A. The next Summer Olympics will be in 2020 in Tokyo.

Q. Is there a shelf life on bottles of shampoo and conditioner?

A. It seems to be three years for unopened bottles and a year and half for opened ones.

Q. What is the address for Fox News?

A. Write to 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, or send email to viewerservices@foxnews.com.

Q. Who is making the money from the Trumpy Bear?

A. Exceptional Products is the Texas company that markets Trumpy Bear on television. It also uses infomercials to promote products like Hairdini, Save a Blade and Plaque Attack.

Q. President Trump is a self-proclaimed genius. Do his IQ scores substantiate this notion he’s a genius?

A. There is no record Trump has ever taken an IQ test. If he has, he has not released results.

Q. What precautions do they take at Barron Trump’s private school so a shooter can’t get in? Shouldn’t that ultimately be the same standard for every school and bus around the country?

A. Barron Trump has Secret Service protection, and it is unlikely Americans can afford similar protection for every schoolchild in the nation.

Q. Regarding the article in the Feb. 15 paper on A4, "Silenced foes stage rallies," can you explain how the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has the right to tell people they can’t speak at their meetings?

A. The Bureau defended the recent "open house" meetings" format, saying it was a “more effective way to communicate.” It is part of the 60-day comment period for the Trump administration's plan to open most of the nation's coastline to oil and natural gas drilling. BOEM is meeting one-on-one with interested parties and allows people to comment online, including typing comments on laptops the agency provides. People can also hand BOEM officials written comments to be included in the record.

Q. Who serves on the Black Hawk County Compensation Board? How many years have each member of this board served? Who selects these members? What is the length of term in this position and what is their party affiliation?

A. Members of the Black Hawk County Compensation Board are Jerome Amos, William Teaford, Michael Grillo, Dan Holm, Steve Abbot, Steve Brustkern and Carter Stevens. Iowa law dictates the composition and duties of a compensation board, which is a volunteer nonpartisan board that meets annually to recommend pay increases for county elected officials. Each board is made up of two members selected by the county board of supervisors and one member each selected by the sheriff, county attorney, treasurer, recorder and auditor. They serve four-year terms.

Q. Who is responsible for clearing up the problem of dumping raw sewage behind the La Porte City high school baseball field: the county health department or the city of La Porte City?

A. We believe the caller is asking about a septic tank. Septic tank inspections are covered by the Black Hawk County Health Department.

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