Feb. 6, 2020

Feb. 6, 2020

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Q: Where do Bill and Hillary Clinton live now? How about Chelsea Clinton?

A: Bill and Hillary Clinton’s primary residence is in Chappaqua, N.Y., and the family also owns a mansion in Washington, D.C. Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, live in New York City.

Q: Can the governor issue an executive order for everyone in Iowa to eat more corn chips and help the farmers?

A: She can ask nicely, but, no, she can’t order us to eat more corn.

Q: In real life, majority always rules. But in American politics that’s not the case. Since the Electoral College can pick someone for president who didn’t get the most votes, is it worth it even to vote?

A: First off, we would dispute your premise that in real life the majority always rules. It certainly doesn’t at work – ask your boss. At home, parents pretty much have absolute veto power. And while many would like to do away with the Electoral College, lots of people defend it, especially voters in more sparsely populated states like Iowa. We would argue it is still important to vote, even though the last two Republicans elected president lost the popular vote in their initial contests. In the overwhelming number of presidential elections in U.S. history, the winner was the popular choice as well as the Electoral College champion.

Q. Coverage of the coronavirus in China shows people aiming some kind of temperature gun at people’s foreheads. What is that, or what are they looking for?

A. The temperature guns are non-contact infrared thermometers that quickly measure people’s temperatures on the forehead or temples. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, travelers are being checked for fever, because that’s one of the common symptoms.

Q. What were the names of all the soap operas that were on? When did they start and end?

A. We can't name every soap that ever was. But here are some of the longest-running: "Ryan’s Hope," 1975-89; "The Doctors," 1963-82; "The Secret Storm," 1954-74: "Love of Life," 1951-80; "The Edge of Night," 1956-84; "Another World," 1964-99; "Search for Tomorrow," 1951-86; "All My Children," 1970-2011; "One Life to Live," 1968-2012; "As the World Turns," 1956-2010; "Guiding Light," 1952-2009. Still on the air: "Days of Our Lives," 1965; "General Hospital," 1963; "The Bold and the Beautiful," 1987; and "The Young and the Restless," 1973.

Q. In the Missouri Valley Conference, how many teams have a player on the roster with a last name of Brown?

A. There are four -- Trent Brown (SIU), Isaiah Brown (UNI), Darrell Brown (Bradley), and Spencer Brown (Missouri State).

Q. Is Elizabeth Warren married?

A. Yes, she is.

Q. How old is Erin Brockovich now?

A. She is 59.

Q. What are the dates the bike ride overnight stops will be in Waterloo and Vinton?

A. RAGBRAI will stop in Waterloo on Wednesday, July 22, according to the ride website, and Iowa’s Ride will be in Vinton on Monday, July 13.

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