Q: What is the name of the street that runs on the side of the Cancer Treatment Center that leads back into the apartments behind there? And why are they allowed to park on both sides of this street?

A: The road on the west side of the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center, 200 E. Ridgeway Ave., is a private drive and not a public street. The owners of driveways determine who can park on them.

Q: In Cedar Falls, why isn’t Washington Park plowed after a snowfall like all the other parks?

A: Mark Ripplinger, director of municipal operations and programs with the city of Cedar Falls, replies: “In Washington Park the upper parking lot is plowed during the winter, which provides an access area to the entire park for activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing and walking. Snow is not removed on the remainder of the park drives to reduce damage by plows, to help prevent off-road vehicle vandalism and reduce costs to plow areas that will receive very little winter use.”

Q: Who actually owns the Greyhound Park in Waterloo -- Meskwaki or the Warren family?

A: The National Cattle Congress owns the property, but the Meskwaki tribe has initiated a foreclosure action. The tribe holds a lien on the track and fairgrounds by virtue of its $9.1 million bankruptcy bailout of NCC in the mid-1990s. The Cattle Congress has asked the court for a reconsideration of the foreclosure action. The issue is not resolved.

Q: With the flu shot outbreak, if we already had a flu shot in October 2017 should we be getting another shot?

A: According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, "Yearly flu vaccination should begin as soon as the vaccine is available, usually early in the fall. This will provide protection for the entire flu season."

Q: What different options are there to renew your driver’s license?

A: According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, you can renew at a DOT office, at one of the kiosk locations or online; some restrictions apply to online renewal. You can check for details and location at https://iowadot.gov.

Q: When is the Cedar Falls School administration going to address changing the school boundaries in lieu of the new elementary opening so parents can be informed and plan accordingly?

A: The Board of Education approved the attendance area changes in June 2015 to account for the opening of Bess Streeter Aldrich Elementary School next fall. In October, the board affirmed those boundaries with a small change. Aldrich will draw students from the current Southdale and Lincoln elementary schools attendance areas. A portion of the Orchard Hill Elementary School attendance area will move to Southdale. No changes will be made in the Cedar Heights, North Cedar and Hansen elementary school attendance areas. Aldrich students will feed into both junior high schools based on the dividing line under the current boundaries. To see the map, go online to cfschools.org.

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