Feb. 7, 2020

Feb. 7, 2020

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Q: You had a news brief about an exhibit about Buxton, Iowa. What happened to that town? What years did it exist? Where was it?

A: A description from the State Historical Society of Iowa: “The town of Buxton in southeastern Iowa was unique in that a majority of its residents were African American. The Consolidation Coal Co. worked for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. Having a hard time recruiting white miners, Consolidation Coal sent agents to southern states to hire African-American workers. In 1873, it founded the town of Buxton and opened nearby mines. It grew quickly and, according to one source, became the largest coal town west of the Mississippi. In the 1905 census, the town boasted 2,700 African Americans and 1,991 whites. The town supported African-American doctors, lawyers and other professionals, and an African-American YMCA with a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool and many programs for Buxton residents. The town was proud of its baseball team, the Buxton Wonders. White residents included immigrants from Sweden and elsewhere, and they existed peacefully with the African-Americans throughout the community’s history. Buxton coal production peaked during World War I but afterward, mechanization and conversion of train engines to diesel fuel decreased the demand for coal. Several severe fires ravaged the community and the mines. By 1919, Buxton’s population had declined to only 400. The last mine closed in 1927. … Very little physical evidence of the town remains today.”

Q: Where can I write to the governor of Texas?

A: Send mail to Gov. Greg Abbott, Office of the Texas Governor, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, TX 78711.

Q: What is the postal address of the Black Hawk Republican office?

A: It’s 911 Decathlon Drive, Waterloo 50701.

Q: In the Jan. 30 KidsNews paper, there was a puzzle to find nine differences between two drawings of a football. What were all the differences? I couldn’t find them all.

A: We could find only five as well! We asked Tribune Media, the source of that page, for the right answer. A couple of the changes were so slight that they were hard to see in newsprint, and the artist counted as multiple changes some that we counted as one.

Q: Why did 107.3 the Party switch to playing country music?

A: They evidently thought it would be better for business. A statement from NRG Media’s Mary Quass, president and CEO: “My roots in radio are with classic country. I am thrilled to make this format switch. I know HANK FM will fill the void for listeners who want to hear the country artists and songs that made country music great.”

Q: I read Jan. 25 was supposed to be Hayden Fry’s funeral in Texas. Will you report on that?

A: We couldn’t find there was any news coverage of the memorial service Jan. 25 held in Frisco, Texas. The family asked that memorial contributions be directed to the Hayden Fry Football Captain’s Scholarship Fund and/or the J. Hayden Fry Fund for Bladder and Prostate Cancer Research Fund, c/o University of Iowa Center for Advancement, 1 W Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242.

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