Feb. 3, 2020

Feb. 3, 2020

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Q: What happened to those Alaskan homesteaders Otto and Charlotte, who haven’t been on in months?

A: Season nine of “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” with the Kilcher family, began airing in December, according to Discovery.

Q: I am an Iowa resident with an Iowa driver’s license, but I spend about six months every year in Florida as a snowbird. Is it possible to get an ID-only Florida license to use there?

A: We checked with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Their answer: “There is no longer a Florida-only license under the Real ID Act. Part-time residents cannot hold an out-of-state driver license and a Florida driver license simultaneously. Seasonal residents are not required to have a Florida driver license unless they file for a homestead exemption making Florida their primary residence. More information for new Florida residents can be found at www.flhsmv.gov/new-resident.”

Q: What is an address to send a letter to Mayor Quentin Hart?

A: Write to him at City Hall, 715 Mulberry St., Waterloo, Iowa 50703.

Q: What happened to the elderly couple on the TV commercial who lived in a green house and advertised Meals on Wheels?

A: The 2016 commercial featured Charles Spann, then 103, and his wife, Maude Spann, then 98, who had been married for 76 years and had lived in their San Lorenzo, Calif., home for 64 years, according to an article in the Mercury News of California. Charles died in 2017, according to an obituary, but we couldn’t confirm whether Maude is still alive.

Q: When will they start building the new Cedar Falls High School? When is it supposed to be done?

A: Construction expected to start in the spring of 2021 be completed by spring of 2024. Classes are slated to begin in the new school in the fall of 2024.

Q: In the past there was Golden Circle organization in Washington, D.C. Is that still active?

A: We found a couple different Golden Circles. The Order of the Golden Circle is a women’s auxiliary branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is still around. There was a Civil War-era group called the Knights of the Golden Circle that wanted to build a slave nation — a “Golden Circle” — stretching from the American South through Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It is defunct.

Q: Last year Hy-Vee said it was coming to Decorah. Is that store still planned?

A: It is. Hy-Vee recently issued a statement about the Decorah store that said: “While we don’t have a construction timeline to share right now, we are still slated for a 2020 opening.”

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