Q: Why didn’t you cover the demolishing of the building at 222 Walnut?

A: We wrote multiple stories about the House of Hope relocation and planned demolition of the building for the new All In Grocers store. Many buildings are knocked down in Waterloo each year. We cannot cover them all.

Q: At the corner of University and Fletcher is a stoplight for a left-turn signal. Would they consider also a yellow flashing signal for turning?

A: Requests to change traffic control devices should be made to the Waterloo Traffic Operations Department at 291-4440.

Q: When were the 2016 wages published for Cedar Falls Utilities?

A: They were published in The Courier on June 9, 2017.

Q: How can I dispose of old Styrofoam?

A: Styrofoam is only accepted at three sites in Cedar Falls: the main recycling site at East 15th and State streets, the Panther Parkway site and the Greenhill Village site. Styrofoam must be clean and free of all food residue. Tape must be removed. Packing peanuts must be bagged.

Q: What can I do to get my property taxes lowered?

A: In Iowa, property taxes are based on your assessed value multiplied by tax rates set by seven different taxing entities, the largest being the city, community schools and county government. If you want lower taxes you either need to get your assessed value lowered or convince leaders of the various taxing bodies to lower the rate.

Q: Why is the Maywood neighborhood in Waterloo a 50707 zip code instead of 50703? Is there a way to petition to get it changed to a Waterloo zip code?

A: The 50707 zip code is a Waterloo zip code, along with 50701, 50702 and 50703. It is true 50707 also is an Evansdale zip code. Zip codes do not always follow city limit lines. The U.S. Postal Service is required to consider written requests to the district manager from cities or community groups to change zip code boundaries. The full process is too lengthy to print here, but can be found online.

Q: Can old Christmas cards with glitter on them go into the recycling bins?

A: They can be placed in Waterloo’s recycling bins.

Q: With all the plastic bags thrown into recycling in Waterloo would it possible for them to find a source to recycle them as well instead of throwing them away?

A: Plastic bags should not be thrown into the recycling bins, not only because they blow away but also because they can cause problems with equipment in the sorting process. Many stores that use plastic bags have recycling bins for them near their entrances.

Q: When did the Waterloo Housing Authority sell or give away the Park Towers Apartments?

A: The Waterloo Housing Authority never owned Park Towers. The former hotel was purchased in 1968 by Elders Inc., a private corporation, and turned into senior housing. The property was sold to another private owner in 2011 and then to Hotel President Partners in 2015, which changed the name and gave the building a $12 million makeover.

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