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Q. Aren’t political signs supposed to be taken down by now? Is there a fine if they aren’t?

A. Iowa used to have laws governing when political yard signs could go up and when they had to be removed. Those laws disappeared nearly two decades ago after the courts deemed them to be unconstitutional violations of free speech.

Q: If I know of some people that have been illegally netting walleye in the Cedar River, who should I report them to? Would it be the Cedar Valley Walleye Club?

A: You should report illegal activity to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources office in Manchester at (563) 927-3276 or by calling (319) 240-5034 if the illegal activity is taking place in Black Hawk County.

Q. In Waverly on the new Bremer Avenue part are side lanes on each side. Some have a line through it and other parts don't. Is this for parking, or a bike lane?

A. "The area that you are referring to is a buffer to assist with parking; it is not a designated bike lane," said Carla Guyer, Waverly city clerk.

Q. In the Courier you talked about the U.S. Air Force base situated south of Waverly. What is this housing being used for now?

A. It's still being used for residential housing, and new houses have been built on the site since then, said Carla Guyer, Waverly city clerk.

Q. What is being built near Veridian Credit Union in Waverly?

A. The new office building for The Accel Group.

Q. How much has it cost the taxpayers for all the Russian investigations to date?

A. The cost of the Russia investigation so far is $17 million and growing, according to the most-recent estimates we could find.

Q. What was President Trump’s draft number?

A. Donald Trump became eligible for the draft on his 18th birthday, June 14, 1964, and registered with the Selective Service System 10 days later. He received four college deferments, and after graduating from college, a medical deferment. The medical deferment, which Trump has said was for bone spurs in his heels, was to be short-term and he was entered in the draft lottery, where he received a high number, 356 out of 365. In 1972, he was reclassified 4-F -- not qualified for military service.

Q. In the Dec. 7 issue on page 5 is a photo of service people. There is a female with a captain’s commission. Who is the lady? How many years was she in a Navy and what did she do to become a captain?

A. We found several photos of the joint services military honor guard that accompanied former President George H.W. Bush's casket on Dec. 6, but none identified its individual members.

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