Dec. 23, 2019

Dec. 23, 2019

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Q: How many interpreters does the Waterloo School District employ, and what is their total combined yearly salary?

A: According to the Waterloo Community School District’s Chief Officer of Human Resources and Equity Kingsley Botchway II, “We have 28 interpreters who serve our 1,200 ELs, as well as the community and families whose children are not in the program. The average salary is approximately $24,816.94. The combined yearly salary amount is $694,874.20. These salary figures do not include benefits.“

Q: Will the Waterloo sanitation workers be paid time and a half for working on Saturdays, if they’re not working on Thursdays?

A: Yes.

Q: There was a movie, maybe in the ‘70s, about a knight sent to defend his lord’s castle. Can you find out what it was? Was it “The Castle Keep”?

A: Could you be thinking of “The War Lord” from 1965? The IMDB summary: “In 11th century Normandy, a Norman duke sends one of his knights to build a defensive fortress in order to guard the borders against Frisian raiders.” It started Charlton Heston, Richard Boone and Rosemary Forsyth. Otherwise, there are a number of films based on the story of King Arthur that might come close. “The Castle Keep” was from 1969, with Burt Lancaster. Its summary: “During the Battle of the Bulge, an anachronistic count shelters a ragtag squad of Americans in his remote 10th-century castle hoping a battle there against the advancing Germans will not lead to its destruction and all the heritage within.”

Q: How long has Ron Steele been with KWWL?

A: Since 1974.

Q: Why can’t residents of Thunder Ridge Apartments get TV and internet through Cedar Falls Utilities? CFU provides electricity and other utilities but not cable TV services. That is only available through Mediacom. Is there any way to change that?

A: Over the next 18 months CFU will be extending service to all Thunder Ridge Apartment buildings, said Mollie Strouse, the utility’s marketing manager. In the past, the property owner had an exclusive contract with another provider and CFU did not have wiring in the buildings.

Q: What is the specific reason why students in the Waterloo Community School District must wear uniforms?

A: When the Waterloo Board of Education approved a uniform policy for students in 2010, a number of reasons for it were cited including enhancing safety, reducing peer pressure, and improving climate in the schools.

Q: 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the existence of East High School. Will there be some type of celebration?

A: We didn’t find any announced plans of a celebration during 2019.

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