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Q: Regarding the city of Waterloo insurance, I see the city paid the Travelers claim department $168,000. What was that for? What was the total cost of the property and liability insurance for the city in this fiscal year? Who is the agency and how much have they paid back in claims?

A: The figure represents various expenses incurred for work on multiple insurance claims that are under the deductible limit for several insurance policies, said Waterloo City Clerk Kelley Felchle. The city paid $1,396,432 in premiums to Chubb Insurance, Brit Insurance, Travelers Insurance and Allied Insurance for Fiscal Year 2019 property, fidelity, general liability, auto, umbrella and excess insurance policies.

Q: Has the state Department of Transportation abandoned Highway 63 through Waterloo? It’s in awful shape.

A: The Iowa Department of Transportation is in the middle of rebuilding U.S. Highway 63 from downtown to the north city limits and is spending tens of millions of dollars on the project. So, no, it has not been abandoned.

Q: There are two water leaks that are being ignored and causing ice floes: one at Burbank and Manor and another at Burbank and Orchard. Can those be checked?

A: You really should report water main and service line leaks to the Waterloo Water Works for a quicker response, but we’ll pass along your information. Typically, property owners are given a certain period of time to make the repairs themselves before Water Works can hire a contractor to fix it.

Q: Have any of the so-called “back bench boys” at the Waterloo City Council meetings ever run for office?

A: It’s not a formal organization so we can’t really tell you who does or does not consider themselves part of the group. Among Waterloo residents who participate frequently during City Council meetings, Todd Obadal ran for Iowa House District 62 in 2016.

Q: Do Waterloo’s traffic cameras work at night?

A: We assume the caller is asking about the automated traffic enforcement cameras and not the traffic cameras the public works department uses just to monitor traffic flows at intersections. Automated enforcement cameras do work at night.

Q: If you roll past the white stop line at an intersection where there is a camera will you get a red light ticket even if you don’t go through the intersection?

A: Each citation is reviewed by an officer, so if the officer doesn’t believe you violated the red light the ticket will be rejected. Just because the camera takes a picture doesn’t guarantee a citation. There is some judgment built into the system along with multiple human reviews.

Q: Pamela Sue Martin and Parker Stevenson were on the “Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.” How old are they now, and what years that did series run on ABC?

A: Martin is 65, and Stevenson is 66. The show was on from 1977-79.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.

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