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Q: Is the investigation still open for Jayme Closs who disappeared after her parents were found shot in Barron, Wis.?

A: Very much so. The FBI is involved, and authorities call her “missing and endangered.”

Q: Is there someone living in a mini motor home below the 218 overpass between West Fifth and Sixth?

A: No.

Q: Does Brent Dahlstrom have a permit to store debris on the corner of Commercial and Sixth Street at the old flea market lot?

A: Yes. The dirt piled on the corner of West Sixth and Commercial Street is coming from the Art Mall building site near the RiverLoop Expo Plaza. It was part of the site plan review and permit for the Art Mall building that the West Sixth Street site would be used for storage. Waterloo engineering staff reviewed and approved the plan and has been conducting reviews as part of the permit to ensure the material does not leave the site through the use of silt fence and covering of the piles.

Q: Since Swieter Aircraft left the Waterloo Airport has any money been generated from the empty hangar space?

A: Swieter’s lease does not expire until the end of January 2019.

Q: Who would one call to get their candidate on the marquee at the Five Sullivan Brothers Center for the upcoming election, similar to what was done during the last city election?

A: We are not aware of a candidate being endorsed on the marquee. The convention center is managed by the Ramada Hotel. You could try to contact management at the hotel to inquire about sign policies.

Q: How much have property values in Cedar Falls changed in the last 10 years, 2010-2018?

A: In the past 10 years, assessed valuations in Cedar Falls have increased from approximately $2.2 billion to $3.1 billion.

Q: What is the salary for the mayor and City Council for the city of Cedar Falls?

A: The mayor’s current annual salary is $91,198. The annual salary for each council member is $6,046.

Q: Concerning the Cedar Falls firefighters opposition to eight new PSO candidates in Cedar Falls because they don’t meet physical standards, I knew a Cedar Falls firefighter that retired a number of years ago that was grossly obese. Can you be obese and be a firefighter?

A: Cedar Falls firefighters have to go through a yearly physical, so if their weight doesn’t impair their health or abilities than yes, you can be obese and a firefighter.

Q: Where is the unfinished part of Phase II as referred to in the article about University Avenue?

A: The second phase of the project is generally between Cedar Heights and Veralta drives.

Q: Has Cedar Falls considered putting in a roundabout or widening the intersection of Rownd Street and Greenhill Road to correct that current traffic pattern?

A: A roundabout has been considered, but it is a long-term goal for Cedar Falls and won’t come for 10 or more years, according to city documents. Roundabout construction at Greenhill Road and Rownd Street would be driven by commercial and residential development.

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