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Q: Do you need a prescription for medical marijuana or can you walk in off the street and purchase some?

A: Neither. You need a patient registration card from the Iowa Department of Transportation, which you can only get once the Iowa Department of Public Health approves you as a patient, and that’s only once your doctor certifies you’ve got one of the legislatively approved conditions. Full instructions for obtaining a card can be found at http://idph.iowa.gov/cbd.

Q: There is a movie currently playing on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel called “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane” based on the novel the “House on Honeysuckle Lane” by Mary McDonough. Does McDonough have any other novels published, and is she having any of those adapted for TV movies?

A: McDonough — who plenty of readers will remember as the actress who played Erin on “The Waltons” — also has written the novel “One Year,” as well as a memoir, “Lessons from the Mountain: What I Learned from Erin Walton.” No other Hallmark movies yet, but McDonough has posted on social media she would love to write more for the channel.

Q: Did President George H.W. Bush have a living daughter?

A: Yes, his daughter Dorothy Bush Koch.

Q: Please hurry and put in the words for the paper for “Poor Little Robin, walking, walking, walking,” because we have to sing it Thursday at a Christmas party.

A: You’re cutting it close! Here’s “Walkin’ to Missouri”:

Poor little robin Walkin’, walkin’, walkin’ to Missouri He can’t afford to fly. Got a penny for a poor little robin Walkin’ walkin’ walkin’ to missouri Got a teardrop in his eye. I hope my story don’t make you cry, But this birdie flew too high; He flew from his old Missouri home. He fell right into the city ways, like dancin’ in cabarets, From party to party he would roam. He met a birdie who looked so nice, A real bird of paradise, Good lookin’ but fickle in the heart. She gave him kisses and gave him sighs, But oh, how she told him lies, ‘Cause she loved another from the start. His dreams are battered, his feathers bent, Now he hasn’t got a cent; He feels like his heart is gonna break. So if he ever walks up to you, Please throw him a crumb or two, ‘Cause you could have made the same mistake. (Repeat chorus)

Q: Is “Schindler’s List” going to be shown at the theater in Waterloo or Cedar Falls?

A: It’s not listed on their schedules right now. The closest screenings we see are in Cedar Rapids — Cedar Rapids Cinema, 5340 Council St. N.E., and AMC Classic Westdale, 2435 Edgewood Road S.W.

Q: Did Festus actually sing on the “Gunsmoke” show?

A: He did. Actor Ken Curtis actually started his career as a singer.

Q: Is there an age limit on who can get their driver’s license renewed on the internet?

A: Yes. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, “To renew your Iowa driver’s license online you must be at least 18 years old, but younger than 70.”

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