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Q: Is Daniel Winn originally from Iowa or a different state?

A: According to KWWL, “He’s an Illinois native, and he’s spent his entire career right here in the Midwest. St. Louis has been his home for most of the last 10 years.”

Q: I want to make a contribution to a nonprofit organization. Is there a website I can go to and see how much of my money actually goes for the cause?

A: Yes. Here are a few to use:, from the Better Business Bureau;, run by the American Institute for Philanthropy; or CharityNavigator at

Q: Are bicycles supposed to ride with traffic or against traffic?

A: With traffic. According to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, “Bicyclists should ride on the right side of the roadway. The law requires you ride as close as practicable to the right. This does not meet as close as possible. Safety may dictate you ride further away from the curb to be visible, avoid debris, or prevent motorists from passing too closely. You may ride nearer to the center or left side of the lane when turning left, overtaking a vehicle, to avoid obstructions or hazards, or on one-way roads.”

Q: In cribbage, how many points do you get with four cards of the same numbers? What is the complete amount of points you can get if you have four fives?

A: No cribbage experts here, but what we found: four of a kind (double royal pair) is 12 points, and 20 points — 12 plus 8 — for the four 5s.

Q: In what year did the Waterloo high schools, West, East and Columbus, start competitive girls’ softball?

A: It was 1976 — a May 30, 1976, Courier article was headlined, “Girls’ high school softball underway in Waterloo.” The article said, “Columbus and Central highs already have a game under their belts — both losses — while East and West open their first girls’ softball campaigns ever Tuesday on the road.”

Q: A husband and wife were murdered in their home in Wisconsin in October. Has their daughter ever been found?

A: James and Denise Closs of Barron, Wis., were found shot to death in their house in October. Their daughter, Jayme, 13, has not been seen since. Law enforcement describes her as “missing and endangered.”

Q: What are the requirements to be a Radio City Rockettes?

A: The basic requirements: “All performers must be at least 18 years old, between 5’6” and 5’10 1/2” tall, and highly skilled in jazz and tap dancing.”

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