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Q: What part of the broccoli is the most nutritious to eat?

A: An answer from the dietitians with Black Hawk County Extension: “Broccoli is a nutritious and delicious vegetable. Often we throw out the stems and eat only the florets. Actually, the stems are just as useful as the florets, and the nutrient content is about the same for the florets and the stem. When preparing your broccoli, cut the florets from the stem and then cut them into bite sized pieces. Next, cut the bottom ½ inch off the stem and discard. Remove the outer peel from the stem and discard. Finally, cut the tender, inner part of the stem into bite sized pieces. For recipes, tips, and a video about preparing broccoli, check out Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Produce Basics at https://spendsmart.extension.iastate.edu/cook/produce-basics/.”

Q: What are they building next to the new Fareway in Cedar Falls?

A: South of the new Fareway an expansion of the Public Safety Building is underway.

Q: When will the new Kwik Star by the new Fareway in Cedar Falls be built and open?

A: Kwik Star recently acquired the property, and their building permit application is under review. We anticipate they will start building in early 2019, possibly opening by summer 2019.

A: What is going on in downtown Cedar Falls in the back of the vacated Wells Fargo Bank where they are using heavy machinery to bust up the pavement to take down the structure. What’s going on there?

Q: The Wells Fargo property was purchased by River Place Properties II LC in June 2018. They are demolishing the building and drive through. Two new buildings are anticipated. These will be going through Planning & Zoning as well as City Council review in the coming months.

Q: Is there any news as to whether the Blue Iguana and Iron Horse Saloon will be opening at the new hotel in Waterloo?

A: The Blue Iguana is under construction and expected to open in early 2019.

Q: Why wasn’t Dan Quayle at President Bush’s funeral?

A: He was. The current and former presidents were seated in the front row. Behind the former presidents sat Vice President Mike Pence and wife Karen, and former vice presidents Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney and Joe Biden alongside their wives Marilyn, Lynne and Jill, respectively.

Q: Regarding the Daily Record, why does the fire department respond to water leaks instead of the Water Works department?

A: Firefighters respond for immediate damage control. They shut off the water and try to isolate the leak, according to officials at Waterloo Fire Rescue. It is then up to the property owner to call a plumber to repair the leak.

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